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Football Turf Tape For Arms

Football Turf Tape

Why do football players wear tape?

A new trend among many NFL, collegiate and high school football players is a type of tape being worn from the wrist to the back of the triceps. The tape is known as turf tape and is designed to prevent burns and abrasions to the skin when a player falls to the ground.

In this article, we're going to explain what this tape does and how to find the best football turf tape available today.


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What is Turf Tape for Arms?

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Football turf tape is a type of athletic tape made to protect the skin from collisions and abrasions during hard impacts on artificial and natural turf. It's important to note that turf tape is designed differently from kinesiology tape and athletic tape.

Turf tape or football tape won't help protect your muscles from sprains and separations, but can keep the skin on your arms and legs from getting burnt and scratched when you hit the ground.

In fact, sports like football which move at a high rate of speed and involve many collisions between players can make landing on turf feel like landing on pavement or gravel.

Repetitive collisions can burn skin, strip hair and cause severe infections to exposed skin, especially when landing on turf. Anything that protects the vulnerable parts of the body, like your skin, is a must if you want to mitigate pain, infection and scars.

Best Football Tape

Before purchasing turf tape, we recommend to always make sure the tape is composed of a cotton and nylon blend with an elastic property and a medical adhesive. This blend of materials will allow enough elasticity for the tape to stay in place with your full range of motion and in all weather conditions.

What does Football turf tape do?

Players in the NFL wear turf tape for both style and protection. This type of tape can be worn on both the arms and knees to avoid rashes or burns known as "turf burn".

The most obvious positions that would benefit from wearing turf tape are running backs, wide receivers, cornerbacks, safeties, and even linebackers. However, turf tape should be worn by all players as it isn’t going to negatively affect any players performance. If you’re a football player, you’re vulnerable to abrasion, and wearing turf tape can help protect you no matter the position you play.

Turf burn is caused when a player's exposed skin comes in contact with the artifical turf or field at a high speed. In most cases, this high speed contact causes scrapes and rashes to the skin, which feel like burns, and when left untreated can lead to skin infections.

To prevent these injuries, turf tape is worn on both the elbows and knees, two joints that are prone to hit the turf most often. 

Where can I purchase Turf Tape for Football?

Turf tape can be purchased at your local sporting goods store and on Amazon.

To help make your decision easier, we reviewed the top Turf Tapes available on the market today and ranked them in the article below.

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What is the best turf tape?

Top 3 Best Football Tape – Football Turf Tape serves a couple different functions. The first is protecting the skin from turf burns and abrasions that can lead to infections. The second is to prevent and treat injuries.

Football is a contact heavy sport that puts players at high risk of injury. Using a good quality tape on the arms and legs and being able to apply the tape quickly and easily between games is very important for protecting your skin in the long run.

First, you need to choose the color and size that best suits your needs. There are two basic sizes: thick and thin, and two basic colors: black and white. Size and color are completely a players preference but for optimal protection, we recommend a tape that is at least 4 inches wide. In the article below, we are going to review the top 3 best turf tapes.

1) Best Football Turf Tape

TRF Turf Tape

Football Turf Tape
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If you have been struggling with the stickiness of your turf tape due to sweat and dirt buildup on your arms and legs, we advise you to use a football tape that is made of a medical grade adhesive that resists to all weather conditions. The high quality medical adhesive will reduce the chances of the tape coming off during intense games.

TRF Football Turf Tape

The TRF Turf Tape is made of a unique material blend so you can expect good quality and long-term protection. It sticks very well on the skin to enhance the performance and protect the skin when on the field. The tape comes in one piece pack and is 20 feet long to make sure you do not run short mid game. Overall, a nice product at this price point.

2) Best Football Turf Tape

McDavid HEX Tape

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One of the top brands of football tape is the McDavid HEX Padded Turf Tape. Available in rolls that can be cut to different lengths, this tape is designed to prevent and control skin abrasions while the padding reduces impact forces.

McDavid is a popular brand that deals in Football equipment. The football tape is surely not one from their most hyped products but still here to serve better in its competition. It allows a player a more stretchy fit and better padding. It prevents water and dirt from staying in contact, scratching and irritating the skin allowing better efficiency and performance.

3) Best Football Turf Tape

Hampton Adams Premium Tape

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If you're looking for a more classic looking and affordable turf tape, we recommend the Hampton Adams Premium Kinesiology Tape. Available in multiple colors and lengths, this tape can be easily peeled for quick application between games. The unique material allows players to tear strips without the use of scissors and without having to measure and cut ahead of time.

The material used in this tape is rich in quality and for long usability. It is highly water and moisture resistant so you will get more protection and better durability. It comes in a single packing but still is big enough to meet your turf tape needs.

Final Words

Football players undoubtedly choose to wear turf tape on their arms and legs to avoid burns and abrasions. The type of tape is great for both professional as well as beginner players. 

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