Founded in 2018 by Liam and Dylan Burger, NXTRND™ is a protective equipment brand and online retailer based in North America.

Being obsessed with sports since middle school, we often found ourselves ditching our annoying equipment to better communicate and perform on the field. After suffering from busted lips, chipped teeth and a ridiculous amount of medical appointments, we knew that there had to be a way of making protective equipment, namely mouth guards, more comfortable and easy to wear. 

We just couldn’t understand how the people designing these products didn't actually play sports or care about the athletes using them. We decided to take things into our own hands and create a new sports brand that would merge protection with comfort and style. And so, our journey to make better protective equipment began.


By combining our athletic knowledge with product design experts, we founded the NXTRND™ brand and launched the world’s first "athlete-centric" mouth guard.

Made "by athletes for athletes", our products have since expanded into multiple categories and have been worn by thousands of beginner, intermediate, and professional players across all sports.

Growing from a dream into a reality at a fast pace and looking to become one of the most recognizable brands in the impact sports industry, we have truly made a statement. Our rapid success is derived from our tireless work ethic and nonstop drive to produce the industry's best protective gear. But above all, what separates us from the crowd, is our commitment to the NXTRND™ vision:

To help push sports to the next level.

“Don't take part, take over.”



NXTRND™ doesn't follow the traditional path when it comes to making sports equipment. We are a team of engineers, designers, and athletes that care about athletic performance.

Every product goes through rigorous designing, testing, and sampling to ensure that our athletes receive a safe and high quality product. The start to every new project begins with us making up to 5 different renders. We then 3D print and test every one of the designs to analyze and compare data. Once the perfect design is determined, we move on to the material sampling phase. Each product is made of the highest quality and most advanced materials to ensure the fit, feel, and protection are optimal.

From there, we cast a mold of our final product and begin the manufacturing process.

No step is overlooked. Every product we make achieves top safety ratings so that every athlete can take the field confidently knowing that our gear will allow them to play at their best.


We are more than just a protective equipment brand, we are a family.

We connect with our fans in a way that our competitors will never understand. We live this life.

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