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Football Leg Sleeves

Football Leg Sleeves

Why do football players wear leg sleeves?

If you've watched football recently, you've probably noticed that more players are wearing leg sleeves and long socks during game action. This increase in popularity is due to better technology in the design of sleeves and the materials they are made of.

To understand why high level athletes wear compression leg sleeves and socks, it's important to understand the mechanics involved in playing American football, the physiology of the human body and how protective equipment like a sleeve blends both together.

What do leg sleeves do?

There are a number of benefits to using compression leg sleeves and long socks. Becoming more commonplace among pro athletes, here are some of the most important benefits relating to performance and safety.

  1. Compression Aids Recovery
  2. Enhance Performance
  3. Reduce Chance of Injury

Compression aids recovery

Leg sleeves and compression long socks are primarily worn for the benefits compression provides. A well designed pair of leg sleeves utilizes advanced technical fabrics that provide optimal elasticity for muscle stabilization.

In fact, compression around the leg muscles helps stabilize the muscles which increases blood flow to that area bringing more oxygen, reducing recovery time as well as muscle soreness. This increased blood flow enables athletes to perform at a higher level for longer periods of time.

However, it's important to note that having the right fit and material to obtain these benefits is crucial. If the sleeve is too tight, blood flow will be restricted which is harmful to recovery. On the other hand, if the sleeve is too loose, it will slip down and provide no compression or benefits.

Enhance performance and reduce chance of injury

In addition to the aided recovery, compression gear also enhances game-time performance. From NBA to NFL players, motion of the legs and feet is critical to their careers. The muscular support and improved blood circulation these compression sleeves provide many athletes an important edge over the competition.

Turf Burn Protection

Football socks and sleeves that are made from high quality materials can take a surprising amount of abuse. Football players often use the added coverage Extra-Long Football socks provide to prevent "turf burn" and skin rashes when falling to the ground at high speed and sliding over the turf. This skin protection is especially needed when playing on artificial turf which can feel like sandpaper when falling at high speed.

Padded Football Socks

You may notice that some football players wear Extra-Long Padded Football Socks with padding around the ankle area. These athletes wear long socks for added protection against turf burn and impact from other players. Injuries to leg legs can end a football players season. The simple padding and extra leg coverage reduces the risk of injury caused by hard hits and tackles to the ground.

Compression sleeves and socks may be one of the most popular accessories among NFL players. From increased performance and recovery to protection from impacts and skin burns, the importance of these accessories has been proven and continues to gain popularity among semi-pro and youth football players alike.

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