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OBJ Football Socks

OBJ Socks

Odell Football Socks

In the NFL, there are rules dictating player dress codes. One such rule is in regards to the players socks and team colors. To abide to the rules, two socks are usually worn in order to get the look, comfort and feel players desire.

In most cases, players wear a regular performance sock with a cut out long sock or leg sleeve covering the upper ankle and calf area.

what socks does odell wear?

Often seen on athletes like OBJ, these socks are worn "scrunched" one over the other. In fact, because long socks don't usually provide optimal foot comfort like short performance socks, both are combined together to provide the right look and protection.

Socks like Odell Beckham: XTD Scrunch Padded Socks


OBJ Socks


What are the Socks that NFL Players Wear?

Regular long socks may feel uncomfortable because of their loose fit and tendency to slide down the calf when running. On the other hand, compression leg sleeves may feel too tight and light.

The best solution is a sock specially designed for football like the Nxtrnd XTD Sock. The XTD Sock isn’t tight for compression but the material still feels nice and has the right amount of tightness not to fall down the leg. Ultimately, it is all about comfort and not being restricted when on the field, which is why we recommend an extra-long padded socks like the Nxtrnd XTD Sock.

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Why Does OBJ Wear Extra-Long Padded Football Socks

Elite Football Players like Odell Beckham Jr. put their body through high physical stress each and every down of the field. With every snap of the ball, players run at full speed, push out of stance, jump, twist and bend. Being repeated play after play and with little recovery between downs or game time, football players need the help of high socks specifically designed for football.

Padded Scrunch Socks

A pair of well designed football socks will feature additional cushioning in the forefoot and around the ankle making them extremely comfortable and help avoid blisters.

Some socks also provide leg compression around the lower leg part and foot arch to reduce sock movement and help blood flow fight against the effects of gravity.


How Do Football Socks Increase Performance

The compression aspect of Extra long padded socks helps increase blood flow and supply more oxygen to the muscles. Thus, allowing football players to benefit from enhanced performance when wearing them. 

This enhanced performance and increased blood flow leads to less fatigue, increased player production, quicker muscle recovery, decreased muscle soreness and puts them back in action at 100% both in the game and the following games.

What socks do NFL players wear?

For many, football socks are a no-brainer. Your coach or team manager tells you what kind to buy and you do it. Or maybe your team gives you a few pairs at the start of the season.

Aside from cleats, nothing helps add comfort and style to your feet more than a well designed american football sock. There is no doubt that NFL socks work and are worth the money. As a football player, you need a sock that is durable, doesn't shrink, provides breathability and protection.
These days, with so many different cut lengths, designs and patterns to choose from it can be difficult finding the perfect pair. This guide will help you determine how to pick a pair of football socks, show you the different materials available, the ways to wear them, and will look into how to prevent injuries like blisters and cuts to the skin.


1) XTD Football Sock
2) Under Armour Heat Gear
3) Nike Classic Cushioned Over the Calf
4) Stance Icon Hoops
5) Under Armour PlayMaker Sock

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