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What are arm sleeves for in football?

Football Arm Sleeves

What are arm sleeves for in football?

American football is a very high speed sport that involves many collisions and repetitive contact between players. To put themselves in the best possible competitive advantage while remaining healthy, it's important that athletes equip themselves with the right accessories.

One such accessory is a pair of arm sleeves. Football arm sleeves are a great idea from multiple reasons.

Why do football players wear arm sleeves?

  • Improve performance and recovery
  • Provide protection from muscle and ligament injury
  • Reduce skin abrasions and turf burn
  • Increase arm stability
  • Provide UV protection

The benefits of wearing arm sleeves for football are numerous. After careful analysis, we have come up with some of the best options available on the market today.

Best Football Arm For Men

  1. AirTek Arm Sleeves
  2. McDavid 6500 Hex Padded Arm Sleeves
  3. EvoShield Sports Compression Sleeves

AirTek Arm Sleeves

Best arm sleeves
Shop Football Gloves
Arm sleeve football


  • Wicks sweat for cooler, dryer arms
  • Very durable stitching and material
  • Snug fit does not fall down
  • Offers great support
  • Good Sizing Chart


  • Might be short for tall athletes

McDavid 6500 Hex Padded Arm Sleeve

McDavid Arm Sleeves For Football


  • Durable elastic for better muscle compression
  • Very durable stitching and material
  • Snug fit does not fall down
  • Padded elbow offers more protection


  • Sizes are slightly off
  • Large arms should order bigger size than recommended
Arm Sleeve

EvoShield Sports Compression Sleeves

EvoShield Arm Sleeves For Football


  • Very comfortable and durable
  • Made to allow muscle support and increased blood flow
  • Very lightweight material
  • Good sweat wicking material


  • Some athletes say sizing is not accurate. Size down for a better fit


Arm sleeve football


Football Arm Sleeve Benefits

Noticeable on both beginners and pros, football arm sleeves have become a common sight on today's fields. Most arm sleeves for football feature compression technology and are made of spandex and nylon.

Sleeves are used to help reduce abrasions and scratches during a game, and are used by all positions. In fact, for players who experience a lot of collisions and impact, some sleeves feature padding over the elbow and lower arm. These padded football arm sleeves are most popular among quarterbacks, receivers, running backs and linemen.

Here are a few benefits arm sleeves can bring to the gridiron and beyond:

Prevent Muscle Strain

Overexertion and overextension are common injuries in the sport of football. When you're pushing your body to the limit and going full speed into every tackle, straining a muscle can be very easy.

Sometimes, when getting hit you can't anticipate how your body limbs will move. To keep your muscles in the right position and prevent movements outside of their normal range of motion, arm sleeves can be very helpful. The unique compacting design of arm sleeves provides the extra barrier of support protecting muscles from strain.

Improve Recovery

Having the right fit sleeve is crucial to receive the benefits compression provides. If the sleeve is too tight, blood circulation becomes restricted which can be harmful to recovery,while loose fitting sleeves provide no compression and slip down.

The last thing you need during football season is to be bogged down with sore, tired muscles. Because compression technology promotes better blood circulation to the limbs, more oxygen can be brought to the areas that have worked which replenishes and allows the muscles to recover more efficiently between games.

Block UV Rays

Athletes like football players who spend hours under the sun can benefit from the UV protection arm sleeves provide. High quality arm sleeves not only wick sweat and keep athletes cool, they also reduce the risk of significant sunburns and UV exposure.

Protect Limbs

Being an important part of the game because of their constant use, the player's arms are a particularly important part that requires extra protection.

Compression arm sleeves for football can help because they add an extra layer of protection from certain impacts to the skin like scratches and bruises.

Furthermore, you may notice some football players, especially linemen, wearing a flexible pad on the forearm or elbow portion of their arm sleeve. These players wear arm sleeves for the increased protection the padding provides during hard hits and tackles to the ground.

Increase Support

Football arm sleeves can be very useful when it comes to throwing and catching a football. This is because they can add support when the direction action is exerted. In fact, arm sleeves can ensure the muscles stay aligned when in motion, which is what you need to properly catch and throw the football.

Increase Muscular Endurance

The compression benefits that aid recovery for athletes also enhance game time performances. Because sleeves aid the delivery of oxygenated blood to fatigued muscles, their use means more energy for your muscle to keep going throughout the game.

How much is a football arm sleeve?

On average, football arm sleeves cost $15 for a pair. However, the more expensive model that utilizes special compression fabrics can cost between $25 and $35 or more depending on the size and design chosen.

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