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What visor fits SpeedFlex?

Speedflex Visor

what is the best visor for a riddell speedflex

Football helmets and other football accessories are expensive investments and helmet visors are among the most important parts of your equipment bag. So when you're looking for a helmet visor, it's important to your safety and wallet that you purchase the visor that perfectly fits your helmet and facemask.

In fact, before ordering your football visor, it's important to know that major football brands like Schutt, Riddell and Xenith, design their helmets and facemasks differently. That means, before you buy a helmet visor, you're going to need to inspect the design of your facemask to see if the visor can properly be installed on it. 

The Best Football Eye Shields This Season

- Best Overall Football Visor: VZR3 Clear
- Best Polarized Football Visor: Oakley Football Shield
- Best Budget Football Visor: VZR1 Clear Blue
- Best Colored Football Visor: VZR3 Green
- Best Clear Football Visor: VZR1 Clear

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Best Visors For Speedflex Helmets

Some facemasks feature different bar configurations and sit more closely to the helmets shell, and will NOT allow certain visors to be installed.

Below is a short list of visors, and the popular helmets they will fit:



Riddell SpeedFlex (XL needs adjusting)

Oakley, VZR1, VZR3, Shoc, Nike, Schutt, Under Armour.

Riddell Revolution Speed

Oakley, VZR1, VZR3, Nike, Schutt, Under Armour.

Riddell Victor

Oakley, VZR1, VZR3, Nike, Schutt, Under Armour.

Schutt Vengeance VTD Pro/VTD I and II

Oakley, VZR1, VZR3, Nike, Schutt, Under Armour.

Schutt Air XP/XP Pro and Pro VTD II

Oakley, VZR1, VZR3, Nike, Schutt, Under Armour.

Schutt Recruit Hybrid/XP Hybrid/Air Standard V

Oakley, VZR1, VZR3, Nike, Schutt, Under Armour.

Xenith Epic/X2E

Oakley, VZR1, VZR3, Nike, Schutt, Under Armour.


What visor fits riddell speedflex

Skill Facemask

Your football facemask and helmet configuration determines its compatibility with different visors. For instance, most skill position facemasks installed on the riddell speedflex will fit Oakley, Nike, VZR1 and Under Armour visors.


Lineman Facemask

On the other hand, lineman facemask or face mask designed for hitting positions with multiple cross bars will demand modifications to the visor and its clips prior to installation.


In some cases, the cross bars are too spaced or too close together and don't allow the visor clips to be properly installed. When that happens, we recommend using tie wraps instead of the plastic clips.

What do football visors do?

For athletes that need great visibility and eye protection, a football visor is a great addition to their equipment bag. Skill positions like QBs, RBs, TEs, WRs and DBs need a lot of visibility on the field and thus, wear a more open bar configuration facemask. Although less cross bars allows greater visibility, they also deliver less mouth and eye protection from hands and fingers. Luckily, a football visor can improve protection.

What are the benefits of football visors?

A well designed football visor balances protection and performance. The visor has to be made of scratch-proof materials to protect the athletes eyes/mouth and feature anti-fog coatings to increase vision.

In fact, modern, advanced helmet visors enable improved performance to the serious youth, high school, college, and pro player. 

Which Football Visor Is Right For Me?

Helmet Visors are typically made in a variety of different colors, tints and shapes. Some visors are more lightweight, easier to install or more durable than others.

To find the best football visor for your needs, please click here.

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