Best Football Backplates

What are the best football backplates in 2022?

If you watch or play football, it is no surprise that it can be a violent sport. One major blow and the athlete may be out for the season or in some cases, end a career. However, having the right protection equipment that works properly can prevent some of this from ever happening.

Along with head injuries, back injuries are some of the most popular injuries in football. Injuries to the spine and back can't be completely prevented, but can be reduced by the use of a football backplate.

You may be asking yourself "What does a football backplate really do and how does it work?" Football backplates protect the kidneys, lower back, and spine from potential injuries caused by over extensions during tackles and impact forces during collisions. In fact, like all protective equipment in football, a quality backplate is indispensable.

Back plates are lightweight pieces of plastic designed to fit all players from youth to adult and should be easily attached to most shoulder pads. To help you in deciding on the right football back plate for your specific requirements, here is a quick article dedicated to showing you the 3 best football back plates that athletes of all ages swear by. 

  1. Schutt Sports Varsity Backplate
  2. Xenith XFlexion Football Backplate
  3. Battles Sports Backbone Football Backplate

1) Schutt Sports Varsity Football Backplate

Schutt Backplate

The Schutt back plate is extremely well made. It features an extra wide design to ensure proper lower back protection while also covering the ribs. This combination does a great job at keeping you injury free during moments of heavy impact.

The backplate also fits perfectly under football jerseys and is very lightweight making it comfortable and popular amongst football players. In addition, this backplate features great ventilation to make sure the player stays cool and dry during long games.

In terms of compatibility, the Schutt backplate is made with a variety of attachments that can be used to attach to almost all shoulder pads. Depending on the player's height, the attachments allow the backplate to be adjusted for the proper fit and provide the best protection possible.

We recommend the Schutt backplate to all players looking for lower back and rib protection. Available in many different colors, you will easily be able to find the one to match your team colors.


  • Comfortable Interior Cushioning
  • Good Ventilation
  • Multiple Colors Available
  • Very Lightweight
  • Multiple Adjustments For Different Sizes


  • Not Wide Enough For Players With Wide Backs
  • One Size Fits All

2) Xenith Xflexion Football Backplate

Xenith Backplate


Featuring a unique design, the XFlexion Backplate promises to deliver great lower back protection. Xenith is known for producing reliable and protective football equipment and has made a name for themselves in the helmet industry.

With the Xenith Backplate, you can rest assured that this product optimizes back protection. The unique shape works efficiently in promoting proper impact absorption while the reinforced vented material makes it more lightweight and comfortable.The Xflexion pad connects to almost all popular shoulder pads and is great for athletes of all ages.

This backplate will provide extensive protection when it comes to receiving hits from behind. The rugged and sturdy design makes it ideal for serious players that need high impact dispersion and good air dispersion.

We recommend the Xenith Xflexion to aggressive athletes looking for a durable and lightweight backplate that absorbs big impacts.


  • Universal Attachment System
  • Durable Straps That are Easy to Install
  • Provides Really Good Protection
  • Comfortable with Padded Structure
  • Features a Corrugated Design For More Durability


  • Not Available In Multiple Sizes
  • The Screw May Not Hold As Well As Rivets

3) Battle Sports Backplate

Battle Backplate


Made for maximum protection and comfort, the Battle Backplate is designed to provide lower back, kidner and spine protection at all times during intense football plays. This backplate will protect your blind side from rib and back impacts. 

Featuring high impact foam, the Battle Backbone will effectively provide comfort throughout the entire game while its sturdy attachments will keep it securely in place during big hits. 

The first thing you and your teammates will notice is the cool and curved design. The main advantage of the Backbone's design is its ability to properly absorb and disperse impacts while remaining lightweight and comfortable. With such a benefit, this backplate will never fatigue you nor limit you in your movements during a game.

We recommend this backplate to players of all ages looking for a sleek looking product that provides great back protection.


  • High Impact Foam For Increase Impact Absorption
  • Universal Fit
  • Very Comfortable To Wear
  • Unique Design
  • Delivers Proper Air Circulation


  • May Need Addition Holes To Fit Pads
  • Screw May Fall Out

How to Choose the Right Size Of a Football Back Plate?

If you're a football player, protection is a top priority. In order to gain such protection, protective equipment like a well fitted football backplate can be extremely beneficial. However, just like buying other football gear there are aspects that must be considered before making your decision.

  • Strength/Durability
  • Size/Fit
  • Quality/Price

Strength and Durability

The first and most important factor when choosing a backplate is it's strength at absorbing impact forces and it's durability at doing so on a regular basis without having to be replaced. How strong a backplate is will dictate how effective it will be at protecting you from injury while playing on the field.

We recommend to avoid back plates that look flimsy and feature added cosmetic details as it might result in lower material quality and losing of its protective function. You should choose a backplate that looks solid with minimal "useless" graphic designs. In addition, we recommend looking for a back plate with air holes allowing air circulation.

These aspects will make the product more comfortable, more lightweight and more protective making your playing experience the safest possible.

Size and Fit

Choosing the perfect size of football backplate can be achieved by measuring the length and width of your back and comparing them with the backplates manufacturer sizing chart. Finding the right size is extremely important as it will allow you to play comfortably and be better protected. Additionally, you should take note of the backplates attachments to make sure it's compatible with your shoulder pads where you will be attaching it.

It's important to always remember that football back plates come in different sizes and fits. Some designs are made for youth players, while some are for more advanced athletes and adult players. You should always consider the different sizes and variations available before ordering yours.

Quality and Price

In most cases, football back plates come with all the installation screws and nuts necessary in attaching them to your pads. However, we recommend always double-checking because sometimes the cheaper models come without the hardware and you have to purchase them separately.

Another aspect that influences the back plates price is the material quality and design on the product. We recommend looking for factors such as manufacturing materials, construction process, durability of materials, and reviews. Some producers of high-quality back plates are Schutt Sports, Douglas, Xenith and Battle Sports.

How to wear a Football Back plate?

To properly wear your football back plate, you will have to assemble it by attaching it's straps to your shoulder pads. To do so, you have to locate the 2 metal holes on the shoulder pads back piece. Once located, align the holes found on the back plate with those found on the back of the shoulder pads.

The next step is to determine what area of your back you want the back plate to cover. Then, align the backplate strap holes with those found on the shoulder pads and insert the screws through the aligned holes. Screw them together until tightly locked and secured.

For the backplates second strap, repeat the steps and make sure you screw the same holes for an even and perfect fit. Make sure they fit properly and comfortable before wearing them in a game to ensure it doesn't become a hindrance once on the field.

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