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What's the best football visor?

Best Visors

Best Football Visors in 2024

From polarized to tinted and clear, we break down the top football visors on the market.

Best Football Visors

No matter your field position or budget, there is a great football visor waiting to be found. Polarized lenses dominate the high end of the market with systems allowing quicker and easier installations by the year. Quality of vision is another area of innovation, highlighted by the unique curved view lens on the Oakley football eye shield. The good news is that professional, intermediate and youth athletes can still pick up a good eye shield for $80 or less. Below are our picks for the best football eye shields this season.

- Best Overall Football Visor: VZR1 Black
- Best Polarized Football Visor: Oakley Football Shield
- Best Budget Football Visor: VZR1 Clear Blue
- Best Colored Football Visor: VZR2 Green
- Best Clear Football Visor: VZR1 Clear

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Which visor is best for helmet?

Best Overall Football Visor

1. Nxtrnd VZR3 Black

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Best football Visor on Amazon


  • Simple & Quick 2-clip Installation
  • Scratch-Resistant Coating
  • Anti-Fog Coating
  • High Clarity Vision


  • Can't Be Used In All Leagues

People might think high quality visors are easy to find, but this could not be further from the truth. With Nxtrnd's Black visor, you can be sure the sun will stay out of your eyes so you can focus on field performance.

Fog and scratches do not stand a chance with this visor. Its high quality material will let you see better than ever.

Nxtrnd has a name that is trusted by many people across the football industry. Rest assured that if you buy this product, you are joining a company that has a long-standing track record with its customers.

Coolest Football Visor

2. Nxtrnd VZR1 Clear Blue

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Best football Visor on Amazon


  • No Glare Issues
  • Durable Polycarbonate Material
  • Anti-Fog Coating


  • Can't Be Used In All Leagues

The amazing color scheme of the Nxtrnd VZR1 Clear Blue will set you apart from the rest of your team. Featuring a universal fit, this visor works on both youth and adult helmets.

Made of a polycarbonate material, the Clear Blue VZR1 visor will let you perform at your best.

The unique tinted lens blocks out 99% of UV rays and reduces fog build up on the inside and outside of the lens. This technology allows you to focus on what matters most while improving style and performance.

Best Colored Football Visor

3. Nxtrnd VZR3 Red

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Best football Visor on Amazon


  • Ultra-Lightweight Construction
  • Allows Precise Vision
  • No Reflection Issues
  • Shatter Proof Material


  • Gets Dirty Easily

Most people who know football are probably wondering, "Is this the same Nxtrnd as Nxtrnd the mouth guard brand?!" The answer is yes. After year of research and design, we have finally released the highly demanded Tinted Red visor.

At Nxtrnd, we are known for producing high quality products and the Nxtrnd VZR2 is no different. Made of polycarbonate materials, this visor features an anti-fog and reduced scratch coating.

Best Clear Football Visor

4. Nxtrnd VZR3 Clear

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Best football Visor on Amazon


  • Anti-Fog Technology
  • Simple Installation
  • Reduce Glare
  • Approved Across All Leagues


  • Eye Is Not 100% Scratch Resistant

A football visor that continues to grow in popularity amongst football players is the Nxtrnd VZR3 Clear visor. Being top-rated and best-selling on Amazon, the VZR3 Clear visor has become one of the best in the market.

Because this visor is not tinted, high schools and youth football leagues approve its presence on the field. Also, being compatible on both youth and adult helmets, its 2-clip installation process allows quick and easy fitting on almost all helmet types.

Best Polarized Football Visor

5. Oakley Football Shield

Best Football Visors

Best football Visor on Amazon


  • Clarity In All Angles
  • Stylish Design
  • Contoured Design
  • Anti-Fog Coating


  • Difficult Instructions To Comprehend

Oakley does a good job at making one of the best looking visors on the field. Made of a material called plutonite, Oakley visors are extremely durable, lightweight and shatter proof. You will not have to worry about this product breaking.

Why do Football Players Wear Helmet Visors?

Visors have become more and more popular in the last few years. While items such as chin straps and mouth guards are required on the field, accessories like visors are optional. In most cases, players wear visors to protect their eyes from gouging, which improves vision and reduces the likelihood of opposing players getting reads on upcoming moves.

Benefits of wearing a visor in football

The best football visors help protect the eyes and face from any foreign object that could potentially get in contact in the eyes and nose. Here are the top 5 benefits of incorporating one of the best football visors into your equipment arsenal.

1. Improved Vision

Most visors use special optic materials to improve vision when on the field. The visibility of your visors lens is usually dictated by its material composition. For example, a visors peripheral vision can differ enormously between brands.

Before purchasing, it is always important to make sure your peripheral vision, from left to right, will not be inhibited when on the field. Your vision is your greatest weapon and it's important you always protect it.

2. Shade from the sun light & Eye protection

In a sunny climate, tinted visors can help a football player by reducing the glare of the sun. However, if you play at an amateur level, we recommend getting a doctor's note and submitting it to your coaches so there are notified prior to the game. By asking your coach for approval, you will reduces your chances of having to remove your visor and possibly getting rejected from the game for non-compliance.

In fact, because tinted football visors can be considered to give a player a competitive advantage by enhancing his field vision and preventing distractions, some football teams do not allow their use.

If you are just worried about getting stuff in your eyes and nose, both the clear or tinted visor is suitable for you.

3. Hide eye movement

Tinted football visors can also hide a player’s eyes from the rival team, ensuring element of surprise is always on his side. This forces the opposition to read body movement only, making game predictions more difficult and increasing your competitive edge.

4. Style

Because everyone on the team is in the same uniform, some players opt to use a football visor to win style points. If intimidation is your thing, wearing a multi-colored/dark visor will most definitely throw your opponent off while you charge at them.

5. Quick & Easy Installation

Depending on the type of helmet you have, attaching your visor to the facemask may be a difficult task. In almost all cases, you will need a Philips screwdriver to properly attach and detach the facemask from the helmet and place the visor in its proper position.

A properly designed visor should come with the screws as well as the other tools necessary for its installation.

We recommend ordering a football visor like the Nxtrnd VZR1 model.

All Types of Football Visors

There are three different types of football visors that players can choose from.

Clear Football Visors:

Clear football visors are primarily used to protect the eyes and face from potential injuries. This includes injuries caused by fingers, cleats, turf pellets, mud, grass, and sand. In some cases, they can also be made of anti-fog materials like the Nxtrnd VZR1 models.

Tinted Football Visors:

Tinted football visor will reduce distractions and prevent players from ‘reading the eyes’ of the wearer. However, because this type of visor can inhibit medical trainers from seeing player’s eyes, they have become a safety hazard and thus, are banned from use in certain leagues. We recommend to verify with your league before purchase.

Polarized Football Visors:

This type of visor gives players better field vision by blocking out the glare caused by the sun. Being perfect for hot weather conditions, polarize visors are best used during mid-day games.

What are football visors made of

Football visors are light pieces of see through plastic made of a polycarbonate material. At Nxtrnd, we design our football visors to be made of polycarbonate which is coated with a scratch resistant layer. Our unique manufacturing process results in more lightweight, better performing, and more durable helmet visors.

Which Visor is Best for you?

How to choose the right football visor?

Before ordering the best visor for football, you should first look into the regulations of your league. Because tinted visors inhibit medical staff from seeing a players eyes and detecting injury or even unconsciousness, most high schools and the whole NCAA have banned their used during games.

To help make your decision on picking the perfect visor easier, here's what to look for:

Football Visor Fit

Many athletes might assume that all visor fits are created equal, but this is sadly not true. If it doesn’t fit, you can’t use it. We recommend you search for a visor that will work with your model of helmet first. Next, see if the league you play in has restrictions on visors.

Football Visor Lens

Lenses should always be considered before you make your purchase. When looking directly through the lens, check your peripherals. The purpose of this exercise is to make sure you can use your peripherals without turning your head from left to right. Second, decide if you want tinted or not. In some cases, tinted visors can make seeing more difficult. Finally, see if the visor is made of an anti-glare material.

Football Visor Price

Know your budget before you start shopping for a visor. This way, you will be able to limit your options and pick the model right for you. We recommend you establish a middle when it comes to pricing. You don't want to budget to low and end up getting a visor that cracks after the first hit. In the same way, you don't want to overpay and get ripped off when you could have bought something cheaper of same quality.


If you’re serious about athletic performance and protection, a visor is a piece of equipment you should include in your equipment arsenal. Whether you are looking for a cool look, or other, a visor is something that can give you that extra competitive edge.

Nxtrnd is known for making excellent quality products and if you're looking to enhance your style, the VZR1 is definitely an accessory you will not want to go without!

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Which Visor is Best for you?
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