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Do football gloves really help

Do Gloves Help?

Why Do Football Players Wear Gloves

Gloves have been seen on the gridiron for decades. From pee-wee to college to the pros, it doesn't matter at what level of football you're watching, almost every single receiver is wearing a pair of football gloves, and for good reason. A well designed pair of gloves produces results when it comes to catching the ball and protecting the hands.

Do Football Gloves Really Help

Gloves designed for football enhance performance and add protection on the field. By promoting stronger grip, players that wear gloves have an edge over the competition when catching the ball or can gain leverage more easily when in the trenches. Gloves have been shown to increase protection against cuts and abrasions which can increase your confidence to play your hardest during a high-impact game.

What makes football gloves good?

Sticky Grip: The main advantage of receiver gloves is their ability to offer better grip when trying to catch the ball. From rubberized bumps, silicone patches on the palm to chemical substances that make the palms tacky, these gloves make those amazing one-arm catches possible. When ordering a pair of tacky receiver gloves, we recommend looking for thin material on the palm. Thin palms allow great ball feel and finger dexterity keeping you from dropping the ball.


Weatherproof Materials: Football is a sport that's played no matter the weather conditions. When playing in wet or snowy weather, the ball can become extremely slick making catching increasingly difficult. A good pair of receiver gloves will give you the grip needed to hold onto the ball and successfully complete the pass. Being thin in design, typical receiver gloves don't offer much warmth when playing in cold conditions, but thicker models do exist. However, it's important to note that thick gloves will not allow the same ball feel and finger dexterity.

Protect Hands: As a football player, your hands are one of the most used and most important parts to protect and keep healthy. If you want to win, make catches, passes and complete play to win championships, your hands must be injury free. To reduce the chances of injury, we recommend looking for designs featuring padding on the back of hand. This added padding will keep your hands and fingers safe when tackling opponents or if another player accidentally steps on your hands.

At the end of the day, football gloves don't make or break the player but they do provide an excellent addition to an equipment bag. Gloves are great for all positions as they don't only improve grip on the ball, but also improve grip on whatever object you might be holding onto, such as an offensive lineman holding off a defensive tackle.

We recommend football gloves with sticky grip to all players looking to increase performance and protection on the field.

What gloves do football players wear

Skill Positions Gloves:

Skill Positions Gloves
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Skill players need highly flexible, lightweight and unrestrictive gloves that give their hands the freedom to move quickly around the ball while increasing grip. Skill gloves are best for wide receivers, running backs and defensive backs.

Lineman Gloves:

Lineman Gloves

Lineman gloves usually have the thickest materials of all glove designs. They feature added padding around the wrist and back of hand for maximum support and protection. The extra material thickness serves as a reinforced barrier to reduce abrasions, lacerations, and contusions. Lineman gloves are worn by both offensive and defensive lineman, or any player looking for increased hand protection.

All Purpose Gloves:

All Purpose Football Gloves
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Designed to fit and perform the widest array of positions, all-purpose gloves feature flexible materials with extra padding to remain versatile yet strong enough to be worn by both receivers and lineman alike.

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