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As a football player, you want a mouth guard that will keep you protected, be comfortable, stylish, and allow maximum airflow. Our number one pick for the best football mouth guard is the Nxtrnd ONE Lipguard.

Football is a rough game and protecting your teeth and mouth should be of high concern. If you do not exercise proper care or do not own the right equipment to protect you from injuries, football can become a dangerous sport.

When searching for the ideal mouth guard, you should go for one that is comfortable and that allows ease of breathability. Breathing with ease is essential since your breath supplies the oxygen needed to enable your muscles to perform at their peak while at the same time enhancing muscle recovery performance. A sufficient supply of oxygen allows the athlete to think clearly, recover quickly, which in turn enables an all-round better performance.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of the best high-quality football mouth guards to help make your decision easier and keep your comfort and protection at high levels during games.

The Best Football Mouthguards

1) Nxtrnd ONE 

2) Nxtrnd RUSH

3) Nxtrnd Braces

NXTRND Braces Sports Mouthguard

1) Nxtrnd ONE Lipguard

Nxtrnd ONE MouthguardThe ONE is designed for youth, high school, college, or pro athletes playing positions including linebackers and quarterbacks, making this guard extremely versatile and useful. Available in multiple colors, this guard can be purchased on or through Nxtrnd's website.

This football mouth guard with lip guard features a removable facemask tether.  An oversized air hole for optimal air flow, and reinforced "X" pattern bite pads for extra comfort and protection. As well as an external lip shield to protect the lips from lacerations caused by flying debris.

2) Nxtrnd RUSH Mouthguard

The Rush is a highly versatile guard designed for ease of speech and breathability. It's versatility has enabled it to make a name for itself outside the sport of football. In fact, this guard is worn in most contact sports requiring high-end protective gear including basketball, boxing, MMA, hockey, and lacrosse. Available in multiple colors, this guard can be purchased on or through Nxtrnd's website.

This mouth guard is one that you need to boil first, then mold to your mouth for a custom fit. It features a dual layer construction, consisting of a soft inner liner and a shock absorbing outer frame for maximum protection, comfort, and durability. Also, because of it's slim and customized fit, it offers an easier time talking, breathing, and drinking without having to remove the protective gear.

3) Nxtrnd BRACES Mouthguard

The Braces mouthguard is ideal for athletes with braces. For adults and children, the guard is designed to conform to your mouth instantly and adapt to changes as your teeth adjust over time. The special braces channel offers immediate comfort while also preventing the risk of lacerations. Available in multiple colors, this guard can be purchased on or through Nxtrnd's website.

The mouth guard is constructed out of a lightweight and comfortable medical-grade silicone material. The guard comes with an adjustable facemask strap for quick adjustments. Furthermore, the mouth guard is highly durable making it chew resistant. It guarantees a more secure fit over your braces, thereby preventing lacerations in your mouth. 

Nxtrnd Mouth guards


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