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How To Choose Compression Gear For Football

Football Compression Gear

Compression Gear For Football

Designed to keep you calm, cool and protected, compression clothing is an essential piece of apparel every football player should add to their equipment bag.

The right compression gear will keep your muscles in place by reducing vibrations during intense activity and offer a skin tight fit to increase mobility and comfort. Being worn under the football pads, it's important that the compression gear be made of moisture-wicking materials to eliminate sweat and keep the pads worn over them dry throughout the game.

In the sport of football, there are 3 main types of compression gear that can be worn by players:

  1. Integrated Compression
  2. Non-Integrated Compression
  3. Cold Weather Compression

What is integrated compression

Integrated compression means that the padding is sewn into the piece of clothing. This kind of compression makes the apparel lightweight, protective and comfortable to wear. In fact, because the padding is sewn into the piece of apparel, there are less moving parts which increases performance by allowing more mobility to the player. Integrated compression apparel is most popular in pieces such as:

  • Girdles
  • Pants
  • Tights
  • Shirts
  • sleeves

What is Non-Integrated Compression

These form fitting garments are designed to be worn under the football players pads to reduce the possible rubbing and chafing. Furthermore, non-integrated compression pieces should reduce muscle vibrations and be made of breathable fabrics to help keep the athlete cool and more comfortable on the field. Popular examples of non-integrated compression for football players includes:

  • Tops
  • Shorts
  • Tights
  • Sleeves

What is cold weather compression

Compression garments designed for cold weather are typically made of performance fabrics and cut in a way that retains the athlete's body warmth and promotes blood flow. Ideally, the best cold weather compression apparel does not simply retain heat, but should also allow air to pass through evaporating unwanted moisture. When looking for the best cold-weather compression gear, it's important that you review the level of thermal capabilities for your playing needs.

Whether your training under the hot Texas sun, playing cold evening or late fall games, compression gear is the ticket to enjoying your time on the gridiron. They'll keep you warm while letting your skin breathe, and provide compression without limiting range of motion.

Read on to choose the football compression gear that’s right for you so you can perform your best this football season.

Best football compression pants

Nike Pro Compression Tights

Nike Compression Pants

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Nike's workout and compression gear is as good as it gets. Built to last and perform, these compression pants deliver top quality compression and feature a flat seam design to prevent chafing and irritation. These compression pants increase blood flow while delivering enough stretch and ventilation to keep you comfortable during the most intense games.

Best football compression shorts

Under Armour HeatGear Sonic Compression Shorts

Under Armour Compression Shorts

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Featuring Under Armour's unique synthetic material that delivers great compression without restriction. The high comfort 4 way-stretch design of these shorts will make you forget your wearing them. In addition, due to the reinforced seam construction and high ventilation of this short, chafing and odors are eliminated.

Best football compression shirt

EliteTek Padded Compression Shirt

Football Compression Shirt

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Featuring a 1/2 inch thick EVA foam pad placed over the ribs, shoulders, kidneys and chest, the EliteTek compression shirt is a durable and flexible piece of equipment that will ensure athletes stay protected while retaining their full range of motion. In addition to the padding, this shirt features a mesh layer that adds breathability and increases ventilation for optimal comfort.

Best football compression socks

XTD Padded Football Sock

Football Socks
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Made with heel and toe reinforcements as well as arch compression to ensure a high performance long lasting fit, these socks are at the perfect intersection between function and price. Also, the XTD Football sock features added padding around the ankle to reduce blisters and offer maximum impact protection.

The balanced compression fit is a great addition to this athletic sock. XTD Socks are well priced and after wearing them, you won't go back to your average socks which is why many football players can be seen wearing them.

Best football compression sleeves

Nxtrnd Compression Sleeve for football

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Being made with a material that delivers graduated compression and a design that complements the biomechanics of an athlete's arm. Many athletes have noted being able to warm-up and recover more quickly while wearing them.

Featuring an ultra light material consisting of polyester and elastane, the Nxtrnd Arm Sleeves are designed to boost performance of the muscle group they surround. In addition, the unique material features special sweat-wicking capacities and can dry extremely fast to ensure athletes stay cool and comfortable during a game.

Best football compression leg sleeves

XTD Leg Sleeves

NXTRND Football Leg Sleeves White
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The XTD sleeve is made of materials that are strong, durable and ultra breathable. This Compression Sleeve comes with a unique material weave that ensures the right amount of compression without riding up or down like some uncomfortable sleeves do.

Featuring an ultra breathable material, theya allow athletes to stay cool and dry even under very hot conditions. Perfect for recovery and preventing injuries, the compression provided eliminates the strains, stiffness and fatigue that is normally associated with strenuous training and game time. They also have enough compression and thus go a long way to add in the circulation of blood to the relevant muscles.

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