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Which cleats are best for football?

Football season is on the horizon and it's time to find some new cleats! Top football cleat brands like Adidas, Nike and Under Armour deliver some of the best cleats that fit well and allow extra traction to perform your best on the field. However, it's not always easy to find the cleats that fit properly and match your position.

Here is a list of the best football cleats this season:

  1. Nike Vapor Edge Pro 360
  2. Adidas Adizero 11.0
  3. Under Armour Spotlight
  4. Nike Force Savage Elite 2
  5. Under Armour Spotlight Franchise

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Best Football Cleats

1) Nike Vapor Edge Pro 360

Best Football Cleats

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The perfect blend between comfort, speed, and stability, the Vapor Edge Pro 360 cleats are designed for quick cuts and optimal foot comfort. Being one of the most versatile cleats on the market, they can be seen on quarterbacks, receivers, linebackers and many more positions. Featuring a mesh upper part that conforms to your foot's shape for maximum flexibility and an innovative outsole for a rigid yet explosive feel off the toe, these durable cleats will give you the best traction and support on the field.

2) Adidas Adizero 11.0

Best Cleats for Football

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Adidas is known in the football industry for making some of the most lightweight cleats, and the Adizero is a perfect example. Featuring a unique cleat shape and innovative sprintframe outsole, these cleats will help increase foot speed and acceleration allowing you to make quick cuts in full comfort. In addition to the innovative outsole, the Adizo 11 cleats come with integrated sprint studs that provide extra traction and an exceptional amount of lockdown that is needed to dominate one the gridiron.

Best Cleats for Wide Feet

3) Under Armour Spotlight

Best Wide feet cleats for football
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If you're an athlete with wide feet, chances are most cleats feel too tight and uncomfortable. The Under Armour Spotlight Franchise RM provides the extra space you need. Featuring an engineered synthetic upper, full length midsole with a breathable textile lining, these cleats will feel supportive, durable and deliver the comfort you need to perform at your best.

4) Nike Force Savage Elite 2

Best Lineman Cleats

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The Nike Force Savage Elite 2 Cleats are considered to be the best Mid-cut football cleat available. These lightweight cleats feature internal pads to cup your heels and block your feet from slipping as you cut on the field.

Furthermore, the extra webbing and velcro straps lock you in and deliver the perfect balance of maneuverability, speed and stability on the field.

Best Cleats for Youth Football Players

5) Under Armour Spotlight Franchise

Football Cleats for Kids
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Youth athletes play a multitude of positions when starting out. For this reason, Under Armour developped the Spotlight Franchise football cleats which are the most versatile cleats for young players. Featuring a full length EVA midsole for enhanced comfort and a higher cut top for better ankle support, these cleats are designed to be lightweight and extremely stable underfoot. 

Whether for practice or the game, the Under Armour Spotlight Franchise football cleats offer the perfect balance between comfort, stability and grip.

What are cleats for football?

From long runs to big tackles and game ending catches, football players must be ready to make split second decisions when out on the field. To help athletes perform at the highest degree, a player's cleats must have special features that separate them from other sports.

In football, cleats are built to withstand every play and tackle the game throws at you. The best cleats will included design aspects like protective uppers to shield your feet from impact and studs near the big toe for added traction when pushing off from a static position. When shopping for the best football cleat, you will be confronted with 3 different cut styles: low top, medium top and high top styles.

How To Choose The Right Football Cleat




High Speed


Defensive Back







Running Back



Wide Receiver



What's the difference between football cleats and soccer cleats?

In football and soccer, the design and structure of cleats is different.

To begin, football cleats feature a lighter and more solid sole with more spikes that support the shoe's toe. This design makes football cleats easier to maneuver and keeps the athlete's foot locked in place while running.

Another difference is in regards to the football cleats ankle cuts. Football cleats come in 3 different cuts: low top, mid top and high top. These different heights offer additional support to the players ankles making them less likely to get hurt during tackles.

In terms of soccer cleat design, a good deal of effort goes into engineering toe and ball striking areas that allow the most natural feel possible. For soccer players, it's imperative that the cleats provide a consistent touch response between the players foot and the ball. For this reason, the cleats must fit extremely snug.

What cleats do NFL players wear?

In football, cleats are one of the most important pieces of equipment a player wears. All moves on the field start with the feet and the cleats that are being worn. From running routes to juke moves and spins, the best cleats for almost all football players must be lightweight and built for high speed action. Here's a list of the best brands and models worn by the sport's top playmakers.

  1. Nike Vapor Edge 360 Pro
  2. Nike Vapor Untouchable Pro
  3. Adidas Freak X Carbon
  4. Under Armour Spotlight

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