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What are padded socks for?

Perfect for sports like football, softball, rugby, lacrosse and other sports where running is frequent, cushioned socks assist in preventing foot pain by allowing greater shock absorption to the heel and underfoot areas.

Perfect for athletes that want to prevent injury from impact, friction, or foot swelling during long periods of play, extra cushioning in the socks are vital to maintain good foot health. In fact, the extra fibers in cushioned socks do not only protect the ankles, shins and achilles from injury, but also help with temperature regulation.

In cooler temperatures, cushioned socks can keep your feet warm. On the other hand, padded socks made with merino wool can also ensure that your feet remain cool, moisture free, and prevent bacteria build-up during warmer months.

Thick padded socks

The thickness of an athletic sock can do 2 things:
- Make every step feel soft
- Take up more room in your cleat

Unless you're a road or track athlete, long padded socks can offer more protection and will keep dirt, grass and turf burn away from your skin. In recent years, crew socks have made a comeback, but offer little performance gain and protection. We often suggest the longer sock option that has extra padding in the heel, ankle and toe area.

Thick Cushioned Athletic Socks

Choosing the right pair of athletic socks is crucial. If your socks don' t properly fit, they can slip, rub and cause painful blisters and scrapes. Before ordering a pair of socks designed for your needs, it's important to invest in high quality socks that feature specific design attributes to mitigate the common foot injuries in your sport.

In general, you'll want a sock made of moisture wicking fabrics with extra cushioning support to help manage sweat build-up and increase protection. Here are the best padded socks to keep your feet supported and your performance at its highest level.

What are the best cushioned socks

Padded Socks

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When it comes to the best padded socks for athletes, you can't go wrong with the XTD Padded Scrunch Socks.

The socks have been tested by D1 athletes while in championship games, so they have been perfected and put through their paces. The XTD Sock is made from a high quality 80% Cotton 20% Nylon blend. This means the naturally wick moisture, breathe extremely well, keep your feet warm and cool when needed.

In addition, these socks feature strategically located cushioning and padding for excellent support and shock absorbance plus mesh over foot for high ventilation and to ensure optimal moisture evaporation.

Darn Tough Full-Cushion

Padded Socks

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The Darn Tough Heavy-Cushioned sock is a high density cushioned sock that is designed to keep the athlete's feet comfortable on harsh days of pounding the turf.

Many padded long socks use a blend of wool/nylon and elastane materials with reinforced cushioning around the high impact areas of the foot. These socks come with arch support to stop your feet from getting tired while on the field.

Furthermore, the heel and toe are reinforced for added durability and to last season after season.

The only issue with these socks is their lack of breathability. The moisture-wicking technology in these socks is not as optimal as other brands which tend to cause sweaty feet when you’re being active.

Thorlos Xj Max Cushion Socks

Padded Socks

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Made from a unique blend of 86% Acrylic, 12% Nylon,2% Elastic, these socks are clinically proven to reduce foot pain and blisters making them some of the most comfortable and protective on the market. Thorlos socks feature exclusive Thor-Lon fiber and an anatomical design that work with the contours of your feet instead of against them while wicking moisture to ensure your feet stay dry at all times.

On the other hand, the downside of these socks is that they're more expensive than similar models.

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