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Football Accessories and Gear

Football Accessories and Gear

What are the things needed for football?

Being one of the most hands-on, rough sports you can play, American football is a game that comes with its fair share of bodily injuries. From broken bones, cracked knee caps and concussions, players are required to wear specific uniforms and protection equipment designed to protect vital joints and body parts during the game's hard impacts.

According to The American Journal of Sports and Medicine, for every 100 thousand football games played, there are 60 concussions. While there's no way to make the sport free of injury, the following list of items are among the essential pieces of equipment every football player should wear when on the gridiron.

What Equipment Is Needed To Play Football

  • Football Helmet
  • Jockstrap & Cup
  • Mouthguard
  • Thigh Pads
  • Shoulder Pads
  • Football Gloves
  • Neck Collars/Roll
  • Football Cleats

Football Helmet

Football Helmet

The most important item in your equipment bag. Football Helmets offer protection without sacrificing playability. With the innovations in protection equipment, the latest headgear provides superior shock absorption, ventilation and field of view.

Price range: $130 to $450

Jockstrap & Cup

Football Cup

Football is an extremely high impact sport. Because the groin is a very sensitive area, severe impact to this area can cause tremendous pain. Wearing a well designed and comfortable jockstrap is crucial for high performing athletes.

Price range: $25 to $80

Football Mouthguard

Football Mouthguard

Mouthpiece that fits well and that is specifically designed for football such as the ONE or RUSH.

Price range: $10 to $30

Thigh Pads

Football Pads

Thigh pads, hip pads, backplates and rib protectors all help absorb hard impacts and fortify the player from season threatening blows.

Price range: $15 to $30

Shoulder Pads

Football Shoulder Pads

In football, strong shoulders are crucial. To withstand the force of tackles, players wear shoulder pads that reduce the chances of torn ligaments or muscle strain in this area.

Price range: $110 to $200

Football Gloves

Being one of the most hands-on sports, it's crucial that football players keep their handsfree of injury. In fact, positions like linemen and receivers demand more hand protection than others and feature padding around the top of hand and finger areas. On the other hand, being less susceptible to hand injury, skill players often wear gloves with extra stickiness on the palm to help catch and hold onto the ball.

Price range: $30 to $60

Neck Collars/Roll

Football Neck Roll

Neck rolls and neck collars protect the neck and shoulder area when impacts get rough. Especially true for positions like linebackers and linemen, neck guards can reduce soreness, increase comfort and increase a players performance between games.

Price range: $40 to $80

Football Cleats

Football Cleats

Designed to provide traction in any field or turf condition. Players can choose from low-top to high-top cleats in a variety of stud configurations for the game.

Price range: $70 to $150

How much is a full set of football gear?

Product Price ($)
Football Helmet 130-450
Football Shoulder Pads 110-200
 Football Padded Girdles 25-80
Football Knee Pads 15-30
Football Cleats 70-150
Football Mouthpiece 10-30
Football Jersey and Pants 85-120
Football Visor 40-80
Football Backplate 25-50
Football Rib Protector 40-80
Football Gloves 30-60
Total Cost 580-1330

How much is a football helmet?

Although budgets are a major factor in purchasing decisions. You should never want to put your safety at risk by ordering a cheap helmet.

At most schools, athletic departments pay between $175 and $200 for a football helmet that lasts approximately 10 years when properly reconditioned every season. Generally, the design of football helmets has not changed since the 1950s as they continue to serve their purpose by effectively preventing skull fractures, broken noses and teeth.

When purchasing a helmet in store, you can expect to pay anywhere from $234 for the Schutt Air Pro VTD II and $410 for the Riddell Speedflex helmet.

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