Best mouthguard for flag football?

The Best Mouthguards for football 2022

Whether you play for high school, college, adult flag football or tackle, the sport of football always involves a certain amount of contact. To help you find the best football mouth guard that will help protect both you or your child from injury, we made a list of the best models available.

In addition to making sure the guard you buy fits perfectly, most parents and athletes ask themselves; do I need a lip guard mouthpiece? Or, do I need a molded mouth guard to simply put over my teeth? Continue reading to find a review of the best mouth guards for football on the market and find your right fit for the 2020 season.

[1) Nxtrnd ZERO Mouthguard Review]



Topping our ranks is the ZERO mouth guard. With an increasingly good reputation amongst beginner and professional athletes, this mouthguard has been demonstrating it can withstand impact at all levels of the game.

What makes this guard so impressive is the craftsmanship involved in the designing of the mouthguard. The ZERO mouthguards' ultra-thin design only drew positive reviews and feedback including comments such as "Super easy to form and won’t come out of your mouth, it's also super durable and feels thicker than it looks when you use it."

Being the highest rated mouth guard of its category on Amazon, the Nxtrnd ZERO mouth guard is considered to be the best slim fitting mouthguard for football.

Best Football Mouthguard on Amazon

[2) Nxtrnd RUSH Mouth Guard Review]




Another powerful candidate to the title of the best youth mouth guard for flag football, the runner-up on our list is the Nxtrnd Rush mouth guard. Thin and lightweight, it promises ultimate comfort and convenience for the wearer, allowing talking, breathing, and drinking without difficulty. Suitable for all athletes aged 11+, this 2 pack of mouth guards is a good fit for any football player.

Its dual layer composite structure ensures optimal protection and a lightweight fit. The bite pads absorb shock, deflecting harmful impacts and vibrations away from the teeth. Made from our unique thermoplastic material, you can be sure to get a perfect fit by following the detailed fitting instructions.

Being priced affordably, and with hundreds of excellent reviews testifying to the awesome quality and worthiness of this mouth guard, you can be sure the Nxtrnd Rush mouth guard won't let you down.

Best Football Mouthguard on Amazon

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[3) Nxtrnd ONE Lip Protector Mouthguard Review]



Given the design of the mouth guard, this is one of the best mouth guards for flag football. With every purchase you receive 1 lip guard, 2 removable facemask straps, and 1 mouth guard transport case.

The guard is made for maximum breathability and comfort as it features reinforced low profil bite pads for an instant fit with an extra large breathing hole for maximum oxygen intake. Not only does it protect your teeth, its design also protects your upper and lower lips from lacerations.

Available in multiple colors, you can be sure to find the one that matches your team uniform.

Best Football Mouthguard Amazon

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[4) Nxtrnd BRACES Mouth Guard Review]

best braces mouthguard flag football

If you or your child wear braces, finding the right mouth guard can be difficult. The Nxtrnd Braces mouthguard is a guard specifically designed to conform to the wearer's brace wires and brackets. It is made from medical-grade silicone, is latex and BPA free, and comes with a removable facemask strap that requires no boiling or fitting. The guard features a special channel made to wrap over and around the brace brackets preventing lacerations and allowing great comfort. Being the highest rated mouth guard of its category on Amazon, the Nxtrnd Braces mouth guard is considered to be the best mouth guard for braces in football.
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To understand why football players should wear mouthguards, and what type of mouthpiece is right for your sport or position, please click here.

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