Aerobic Endurance

Once a staple of many football practices, some football coaches now bypass aerobic exercises in training sessions because they think it's too easy, too long of a duration or not sport specific. But that’s not the case.

Done correctly and with purpose, aerobic exercises can have a place in football and contribute to making athletes stronger and better at what they do. In fact, performing aerobic exercises can help football players in 3 ways:

  • Help with recovery time after a workout
  • Increases the body oxygen window
  • Increases power outputs

This increase in performance is particularly noticable by a games 4th quarter when most football players are performing at 85-90% of their normal capacity. Athletes that are able to maintain 100% capacity for the entire length of a game have a significant advantage in crunch time, the point at which most games are decided.

If an athlete is still at peak endurance near the end of the game, he is performing on an entirely different level than anyone else on the field. That means he has better focus, the coaches are more inclined to call a play that allows him to become the hero, and garner the confidence of his teammates when the game is on the line.

Here are five aerobic exercises we recommend every player use in their training:

In addition to the aerobic exercises, it's important the athlete work to get himself in game shape by practicing at game speed. The more an athlete plays at full speed, the more prepared his body will be for the football game. Run 40’s after practice, take more snaps, or run more routes and be ready to go on game day. 

Finally, what good does aerobic training do on game day if you don't have the right breathable equipment? One of the most important aspects when it comes to oxygen supply on the field is having a mouth guard that allows optimal air flow.

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