What kind of features do mouth guards have?

Industry Leading Mouthguard Protection

Wearing an appropriately designed mouth guard while participating in your specific sport will protect you against dental injuries and help you perform better. Players of all ages involved in sports and activities where there is a possible risk of injury to the face should protect their teeth with a properly fitted mouth guard.

Nxtrnd strives to produce the most protective, performance enhancing and comfortable mouth guards on the market. We don't just make standard mouth guards, we make mouth guards specific to your sport that actually improve your performance by providing optimal protection.

Mouthguards That Let You Communicate & Breathe Easily

At Nxtrnd, we individually engineer specific mouth guard models to better accomodate certain sports. We know how important it is to have a mouth guard designed to fit your exact mouth structure allowing for optimal airflow and the ability to breathe, drink and speak clearly helping you play better. To find the best mouth guard for your needs, please see our section entitled "What Mouthguard is Best for You".

Nxtrnd Technology

High Impact Absorption Mouthguards

When you mold your Nxtrnd mouth guard by carefully following the fitting instructions, your mouthguard will be in it's best position to absorb and deflect blows to the mouth and jaw, giving you maximum protection from impact and serious injury.

Braces Friendly Mouthguard

Nxtrnd has developed a special braces mouth guard that features a unique channel to accomodate braces brackets and wires.  While this guard protects your teeth, it also serves to protect the soft tissue in your mouth from lacerations. The unique channel comfortably wraps over and around the brace brackets and wires without obstructing orthodontic alignment.

Durable Mouthguard Materials

If you have a habit of chewing and destroying your mouth guards, we recommend our Nxtrnd Rush or Classic models. These models are made of a more dense material providing more resistance to chewing, keeping the guard safe without sacrificing comfort. Furthermore, rips and tears in mouth guard material cause irritation to the gums and lips increasing the chance of mouth infection.

Sport Specific Mouthguard Designs

For optimal mouth protection, depending on the material, proper mouth guard thickness starts with a minimum of 2-3mm in the important impact zones. Depending on the sport you play and the structure of your mouth, the important impact areas differ slightly from under the molars too in front of the teeth.

Nxtrnd offers a variety of different designs to better accomodate your specific needs:

  • Low Profil Mouthguards:
Perfect for sports and positions where communication in necessary. Features 2mm of material under the molars and in front of the "Buck teeth".  We recommend these guards for Basketball, Quarterbacks, Hockey and all other vocal sports.
  • Box-Fit Mouthguards:

Perfect for sports and positions where direct blows to the face, mouth and jaw area are common. Features 2mm of thickness under the molars and 3mm in front of the "Buck Teeth". We recommend these guards for Boxing, MMA, Football and Rugby.

  • Lip Shield Mouthguards:
Perfect for sports and positions where physical contact is made. Features 3mm of material under the molars with an outer lip shield to protect you from lip lacerations and soft tissue injuries.  We recommend these guards for Football, Rugby and in some cases MMA.
  • Ortho-Fit Mouthguards:

Similar to the Low-Profil designs, these mouth guards are perfect for athletes with braces that play sports or positions where communication is key. Features 2mm of material under the molars and around the outer teeth perimeter to protect the braces. We recommend these guards for Basketball, Football, Rugby, Boxing and Hockey.

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