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The Best Leg Warmers in 2022

Versatile, comfortable, and protective, leg warmers are a staple every smart athlete needs during the colder months. Over the knee, thigh-high, or knee length, there's a leg sleeve for every position, style of play, and weather. Check out our list of the 5 best compression leg warmers for sports and take your game to the next level.

  1. DonJoy Performance TriZone Calf Sleeve
  2. McDavid uCool Compression Leg Sleeves
  3. Run Forever Sports Calf Compression Sleeves
  4. Doc Miller Premium Open Toe Compression Socks
  5. McDavid Calf Compression Sleeve

Are leg warmers worth it?

Playing team sports, the weather can be very changeable. Often you start your season in the heat of summer and finish in the cold temperatures of fall. Leg warmers are perfect since they allow your calves to retain the heat generated by your body while moving around the soccer or football field.

Leg warmers are also really useful for preventing turf burns and cuts to the skin during collisions within other players and objects on the field. In fact, you will often see professional players across most sports warming up with leg warmers, some even keep them on during game time as they can add extra insulation on colder days.

Do leg warmers keep you warm?

Being similar to socks, but thicker and footless, leg warmers are designed to keep the lower legs warm in cold weather. Usually made of a tubular material and in the shape of a sleeve, the fabric wraps itself around the calf muscles and can be used across multiple sports including football, soccer, hockey and hiking.

The main functionality of leg sleeves is to keep the leg muscles warm preventing cramping and other muscular injuries. Leg sleeves vary in length and width due to the material's composition (synthetic fibers) and elasticity. The most popular models extend from the ankle to just below the knee, allowing maximum comfort, mobility and performance.

What are the best cycling leg warmers?

For cycling, freedom of movement and comfort is extremely important and having leg warmers ergonomically shaped to do so is very important. In terms of price, the more expensive versions will feature multiple panel construction while the cheaper models will feature only a single layer of material. Some of the more expensive models will feature a zip opening on the ankle to aid taking them off over your shoes and a water repellent coating to aid moisture control.

Best leg warmers cycling

Leg warmers and knee sleeves are among the most performance enhancing pieces a road cyclist can wear. Here is our top 3 guide to the best leg warmers for cycling.

  1. Castelli Nano Flex 3G leg warmers
  2. Assos Spring/Fall Leg Warmers
  3. Giro Thermal Leg Warmers

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