Sport sleeves for arms

Why do athletes wear sleeves on their arms?

Naturally, athletes participating in different sports wear arm sleeves for different reasons. Here are the 6 most common reasons athletes across all sports wear sleeves on their arms.

  1. Safety
  2. Warmth
  3. Sun Protection
  4. Wicks Moisture
  5. Compression
  6. Style

1) Safety:

Especially true for athletes participating in road sports like cycling and running, wearing brightly colored or eye-catching arm sleeves can greatly increase the odds that you will be seen by vehicles on the road. Whether running early in the morning, in the evening, or at night, there is no safer combination than wearing brightly colored arm or calf sleeves.

2) Warmth:

Compression arm sleeves provide the much needed warmth to your muscles when exercising in cold weather. Being slightly lighter in weight and more comfortable that long sleeve shirts, arm sleeves are a more enjoyable piece of athletic equipment to wear.

3) Sun Protection:

We all know what 15 minutes of sun exposure can do to the skin. For many athletes, having skin exposed to the sun for more than 15 minutes is a normal occurrence which can cause serious damage. To counter these negative effects, many athletes opt to use arm sleeves that provide an easy and convenient protection barrier from the sun and prevent sunburn.

4) Wicks Moisture:

The unique material features of arm sleeves can also keep your arms cool when temperatures are scorching hot. While running, your arms move which creates an air conditioning like sensation. To increase this sensation, runners wear arm sleeves with moisture wicking capacities. By increasing moisture dissipation, your arms will feel less bothered by the heat allowing for a more enjoyable run.

5) Compression:

Arm sleeves provide significant support to the muscles in the arms and forearms by improving blood flow to these areas. Briefly, the heart sends blood through the arteries and veins to the body's extremities where cells take the oxygen and nutrients from the blood to help muscular contractions and athletic performance.

After the oxygen and nutrients are removed from the blood, the remaining constituents are returned to the heart and reoxygenated through the lungs before repeating the cycle.

In general, increased circulation means better muscle performance, less swelling and better recovery. For athletes, especially long distance runners or athletes in intense workout, compression arm sleeves improve performance by supporting muscles, reducing vibrations and facilitating recovery afterwards.

6) Style:

Compression arm sleeves can add that extra eye-catching style that separates you from the crowd. Available in a multitude of colors, you should easily find a color, print or design to show some more personality.

Do arm sweat sleeves work?

Not only are arm sleeves stylish, they are also essential to in-game performance and post-game muscle recovery. Whether you're a point guard looking to improve arm muscle recovery or a pitcher looking to enhance his performance on the baseball field—as an athlete, you have a lot to gain from wearing arm sleeves for sports.

Below are the 4 main aspects an athlete should seriously consider wearing a pair of performance sleeves before, during and after a competition.

  • Improve Blood Circulation
  • Body Temperature Control
  • Limits Soreness
  • Quicker Recovery

What are arm sleeves good for?

Football arm sleeves are just for the looks, they have great health benefits.

  1. Helps accelerate muscle recovery
  2. Prevents muscle soreness
  3. Protects skin
  4. Improves blood circulation
  5. Regulates body temperature

When wearing compression arm sleeves, you'll quickly recognize the performance enhancing benefits of the design. Through increased muscular support and maximized range of motion, most athletes immediately notice a decrease in the soreness that occurs in the arms after a workout or competition as well as an improved recovery window.

These benefits are mostly due to greater blood circulation, along with better temperature control of the body. For these reasons, we encourage any athlete to explore compressive garments such as arm sleeves.

If you're looking to buy compression sleeves for the arms online, we recommend seeing this article.

What is an athletic sleeve?

Compression arm sleeves are tight, elasticised pieces of fabric that are commonly worn around the arms or leg muscles to improve blood flow.

The most frequent areas you can see athletes wearing compression sleeves are on the calves, elbows, knees or ankles.

Sleeves are worn much like a pair of gloves or socks. These pieces of athletic equipment fit smoothly against your skin and are designed with a compression gradient that encourages blood flow back to the earth for optimal re-oxygenation.

Sport sleeves for arms
Arm sleeve football

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