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What is the most durable brand of men's socks?

The most durable brand of men's socks

What is the best brand of men's athletic socks?

Purchasing a pair of socks might seem like a straightforward process, look for a pair with good reviews, toss them on and head to the field.

However, as any athlete can tell you, there are so many ways socks can go wrong: When they don't hug your ankle or leg tight enough, when they move and slip around in your shoes, when the stitching rips apart easily, or when one wash cycle ruins them for good.

Choosing the right pair of sport socks should not only withstand a full season of abuse but can also work to prevent your feet from stinking while at the same time offering high comfort, ankle support and protection.

To find the best pair of athletic socks, we talked to over 30 athletes — many of them Nxtrnd athletes — to get to know the pairs that have served them best over time. They told us about their favorite over-the-calf socks, cushioned sport socks, crew socks, scrunch socks, and more.

Here are a few stand-out socks we think you'll love as an athlete:

Top 5: Best men's athletic socks

1) XTD Cushioned Athletic Sock


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The XTD Padded Athletic Sock is known as one of Amazon's best-selling football socks. So, it's easy to understand why this list will feature it in top position.

The first impression when analyzing the XTD sock is it's unique design that features different levels of material thickness throughout the sock and an extra long scrunched look. The product will satisfy even the most demanding athletes with its high durability and performance. The XTD sock can withstand hard conditions, from humid and soggy fields to bright and sunny games.

Besides, the size will fit you because they have full sizes.

Small/Medium: Size 7-10 (Men)
Large/X-Large: Size 10.5-14 (Men)

The product’s materials are 80% Cotton, 15% nylon and 5% spandex. So, the material is very thin at the top of the foot but thick underfoot where friction is most common. You will feel comfortable and ventilated when wearing them.

2) Nike Cushion Crew Socks

Nike Cushion Crew Socks

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Great for travel, workouts and sporting events alike, the Nike socks are the go-to for athletes that need a pair they can wear to work and to the gym. Not only do they provide extra ankle and calf support, but they are also lightweight and breathable.

The product’s materials are 64% Cotton, 33% nylon, 2% Spandex and 1% Nylon.

3) OTC Performance Socks

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If you want to be one of the most prominent players, these socks available in multiple colors will do it. With multiple colors, these socks will allow you to express your passion and love for the sport you're playing.

Being sweat proof, breathable and durable, the OTC sock can be used in many sports like: softball, baseball, soccer, football, lacrosse, basketball and more.

The product’s materials are 77% Polypropylene, 17% Nylon, 3% Elastic, 3% Lycra Spandex.

4) Under Armour Performance Over the Calf Socks

Under Armour Performance Over the Calf Socks

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A popular brand in the apparel and sportswear markets, it is easy to understand why the Under Armour Performance Socks are on this list. The key highlights of this product are the full moisture control system, the completely seamless toe that delivers ultimate comfort and the incredibly comfortable fit the material allows.

The product's materials are 83% Polyester/11% cotton/4% Nylon/2% Spandex

5) Nike Everyday Plus Cushioned

Nike Cushion Plus Crew Socks

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These socks are designed for high impact absorption. They feature absorption pads and a terry sole for added comfort on both the arch and bottom of the foot.

In addition, the Plus Cushioned socks are made from a sweat-wicking fabric that keeps moisture away from the skin.

The product's materials are 71% cotton, 26% polyester, 2% spandex and 1% nylon.

Which socks are the most durable in 2024?

The most durable socks are made of high quality materials and are able to withstand a full season of abuse and multiple wash cycles. A well designed pair of athletic socks will be comfortable, breathable and long lasting.

According to our reviews, the most durable socks this year are:

  1. XTD Sock
  2. Under Armour
  3. Smartwool
  4. TCK
  5. Nike

Our journey to find the best socks for athletes started 3 years ago. With the help of football players, we tested and reviewed socks from multiple brands analysing aspects such as: comfort, breathability, durability and price.

What brand of socks lasts the longest?

XTD Socks

XTD Sock Benefit

The XTD sports socks are purpose built premium cotton and nylon blend socks. The great thing is their extra long length and high quality double material layering around high friction areas.

Almost all the athletes that reviewed the XTD socks mentioned the comfortable material blend surrounding the foot. This results in better breathability, better foot stability, more foot cushioning and increased durability.


  • Unique material blend will keep your feet dry and comfortable all game long
  • The best sock for football, softball, soccer, or any activity where you want to keep your feet and calf muscle comfortable and protected.
  • The socks are very breathable, so they will never make your feet hot
  • The socks provide excellent arch support and cushioning


  • More expensive than your average pair of socks

XTD Sock Benefits

What is the best brand of men's socks?

When it comes to the best brand of socks, we choose our top pick based on the variety offered and quality of materials. That being said, the Under Armour sock collection is our go-to when it comes to a brand with product variety. From hiking, running and other sports activities, Under Armour has a sock for you.

When it comes to athletic socks, the UA OTC socks are a great fit and can be used in almost every game in any weather condition.


  • The socks are lightly cushioned
  • Versatile socks that can be worn in any season
  • Manage moisture, maintains warmth and keeps shape


  • Quality is not what is used to be, but remain acceptable
  • Because of mass production, the quality of material and design is not as great

Best cushioned athletic socks

If you're a believer in socks that actually increase performance by supporting your feet, you'll love the XTD Padded Sports Socks. At Nxtrnd, we asked our athletes to dream up the perfect pair of long padded socks, and so this high performance sock was born.

It uses a combination of cotton, nylon, and elastane with infused cushioning underfoot, but also offers padding around the ankle where impacts are more common. In addition to the added padding, the socks are loved for keeping feet dry and comfortable all game long, we've tested pairs during high heat summers practices and cold fall games, the XTD Padded socks have excelled in all conditions.

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