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Being optional, football helmet visors are not always seen on football players but remain highly recommended. Go to any NFL practice and it shouldn’t come as a surprise. You will notice a good number of players wearing different types of visors from clear, to tinted and polarized.

One of the more popular models is the clear style visor. At Nxtrnd, we make one of the top rated and best-selling clear tinted football visors, and can be purchased here.

Our top 2 Football visors are ranked as followed:

Like in all contact sports, injuries in football are common and if you don't have the right protection equipment while playing, your risk of injury increases enormously. Most people believe that cleats, shoulder pads and a helmet are all you need in terms of protection on the field, but this couldn't be further from the truth.

Are Visors Good For Football?

The more safety equipment an athlete wears, the healthier he will be and the better he will feel which will increase his performance on the field. Wearing a football eye shield has become increasingly popular amongst high level football athletes. Helmet visors not only look cool, but they also provide protection to the eyes by blocking UV light, sunlight and the unwanted external object from causing injury.

At Nxtrnd, we take pride in producing excellent products and providing the best possible customer experience. We design our products to be good long term investments and help you in your athletic career.

If you're interested in a unique, new look and want a cool visor tint, then you should look into getting a VZR1 visor model. If you're looking for a polarized visor your best bet is going with Oakley.

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Either way, wearing a visor will enhance your image, vision, and eye protection so you can perform at your best when on the field.

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