Cleaning A Visor

How to clean & maintain a Football Visor

The best way to clean a football visor

Eventually, your visor will get a bit dirty. From football to lacrosse, playing in conditions where dirt is present is inevitable. Similar to helmets, uniforms and shoes, visors should always be cleaned after their use. Here is the best way to clean your visor:

What you need to clean a visor:

  • 1 Bucket of warm soapy water.
  • 1 empty bucket
  • 2 Washcloths
  • 1 Dry and soft cotton cloth
  • 1 Dirty visor

Step 1: Leave the visor on your helmet and only remove the chinstrap. This way, you will be able to easily manipulate your helmet and clean to visor without touching it.

Step 2: Fill a bucket with warm water and slightly poor soap to create a soapy mixture.

Step 3: To loosen the dirt and grime, use one of the washcloths by soaking and wringing out its water across the visor. Let the water from the visor drip into the empty bucket.

Step 4: To remove the remaining dirt, soak the second washcloth in the warm soapy water and wring it across the visor again. Repeat this process until there is no more visible dirt on the visor.

Step 5: To clear of the dirt on the interior side of the visor, repeat step 4 on the interior side of the visor.

Step 6: Once there is no more visible dirt on both sides of the visor, use the dry cotton cloth to gently remove remaining water drops and your visor will be good as new. Your helmet might have some water on it, which is normal and will dry out.

1) Do not use the dry cotton cloth on the visor when dirt is still visible. This can scratch the anti-glare and anti-fog coating, and destroy their function.
2) Do not touch your visor with dirty fingers. You will need to go back to step 2.

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