Get ready to play under the Friday night lights by participating in 7-on-7 football this offseason. The perfect competitive game for training finger-tip catches, diving interceptions and ball speed. 

Leagues participating in 7-on-7 football have been growing in numbers and popularity across the United States because of its fun, competitve and non contact nature. Played on a 40 yard field, the game mostly involves passing and allows scoring from both the offensive and defensive sides. Focusing mainly on passing and catching, the game allows athletes to hone their skills in an exceptionally safe but competitive way.



Similar to regular football but without all the heavy equipment. Whether a player be on the offensive or defensive side, no pads are required. The game is a perfect way for teams to work on their passing game in the offseason or even during season without equipment.



7-on-7 positions are very simple. In most cases, the offense is made up of a quarterback, five receivers and a snapper. The defensive side can sometimes vary depending on the events setup but is usually made up of linebackers and defensive backs looking to block their opponent's attack.



A 7-on-7 game is typically split into 20 minute halves with a 5 minute halftime. Because games are played on 40 yards, 2 games can be played simaltenously on the same field allowing for high paced action on and off the field.

The main differences between competitive 7-on-7 and regular football are:

  • To get first down players have two 15 yard zones.
  • Players only need three downs in the first two15 yard zones.
  • 10 yards before the goal line, players are allowed four downs to get the ball in the end zone.
  • Quarterbacks have 4 seconds to complet a pass off.
  • If the quarterback does not complet the pass by the fourth second, the offense looses the down at that point on the field.



On the offensive side, if a touchdown is made the team earns 6 points. By passing from the 5 yard line, a team obtains 1 point. By passing from the 10 yard line, a team obtains 2 points. It's important to note that kickers do not score extra points when making a field goal.

On the defensive side, teams can earn points be either intercepting the ball giving them 5 points, or by stopping its opponents on downs ,which gives them 2 points. When the defensive team intercepts or stops the ball of the offensive team on downs, the ball will be reset at the 40 yard line for the offensive team.

The game is won by the team with the lead. 

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