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Best 7-on-7 football uniform builder

At Nxtrnd, we offer the industry's best 7-on-7 and tackle football customized uniforms. We create fully custom designs made with compression materials or standard materials for a relaxed fit. Our football uniform builder lets you choose the designs, cuts, materials and sizes for your team's uniform easily and quickly. 

Interested in custom uniforms?

Fill out our custom battle 7-on-7 uniform builder and we will reach out to discuss options and pricing. Click here to see our form builder.

Football Uniform Builder


  • Large number of different styles and designs to choose from
  • Unlimited team logo and lettering possible
  • Custom embroidery for chest, back and leg patches
  • 2-4 week delivery time
  • You create the football uniform using our uniform builder, we will produce and ship the finished product to you.
  • One set guaranteed price. No upcharges, or hidden fees. Shipping price is included in our final quoted price prior to initial payment.

How to start building a custom team uniform?

  1. Submit your design by filling out our uniform builder.
  2. All pricing details and mockups will be sent you via email.
  3. Once designs and mockups are approved by you, the initial payment is placed and production of your uniform begins.
  4. The custom-made 7v7 uniforms are made and delivered within 2-4 weeks. Each uniform is tailored-made according to your specifications.

What is flag football gear

Being no contact, flag football is known to be an inclusive and accessible sport to players of all ages. Contrary to tackle football which requires players to wear helmets, shoulder pads, girdles, and other protective gear, the equipment list in flag football is much shorter and generally much less costly.

In youth flag football football and 7v7 football, usual equipment consists of:

  • Flags and Belt for flag football
  • Team Jersey
  • Shorts
  • Mouthguard
  • Football Cleats
  • Football gloves
  • Soft Shell Helmet

Depending on the league, different rules regulate what equipment is needed to play. In most cases, 7-on-7 programs might require soft shell helmets in addition to the equipment mentioned above, while other leagues allow players to bring their own flag football flags.

7-on-7 Compression football Equipment

Each player must wear uniform jerseys and flag belts with flags attached by a velcro adhesive or with the ball-and-cup model. It's important to note that the flag belt must not be the same color as the players shorts or pants.

Furthermore, cleats with exposed metal are not allowed. All players are encouraged to wear mouthguards while practicing and playing and exposed metal braces must be covered to avoid contact.

To reduce turf burn and protect from injury, we recommend players wear turf tape on their forearms, elbows and legs where skin is exposed. On the hands, players can wear football gloves to increase ball handling and feel.

Flag Football Equipment Checklist:

Flag Football Flags: Every player needs durable flags and a well-fitted flag football belt. The best football belt and football flag systems emit a popping noise when the flag detaches. The popping noise makes it clear to everyone that the play has ended which avoids unnecessary injuries and helps the referee spot the ball.

Team Jersey: Upon registration, players will receive a team jersey

Shorts: To avoid unnecessary penalties and to allow the belt and flags to be visible at all times, it's important to wear shorts that don't have pockets.

Football Mouthguard: We recommend mouthguards that protect the teeth from coming in contact with each other and that protect the lips from lacerations suchs as Lip Guard Mouthguards.

Football Cleats: Cleats are mandatory for better foot stability. Metal cleats are not permitted and must be removed prior to play time.

Football Gloves (Optional): Football gloves provide an extra grip to help control the ball and extra protection to the fingers and knuckles.

Soft Shell Helmet: Different from hard shell helmets, soft shell helmets are more comfortable and offer great protection while playing flag football and 7on7 football. In fact, when struck the material hardens to protect the skull and softens again once the impact forces are dissipated.

What are the parts of a 7v7 football uniform?

The non-stop action of 7v7 football is back with one-handed catches, jukes, and winning celebrations. At Nxtrnd, we know that 7-on-7 football comes down to speed and style which is why we came up with a short list of top gear that'll make you look and feel as good as you do after making the game-ending interception.

The Best 7-on-7 football gear

Best 7v7 Gloves: Nike Vapor Jet 6.0

Football Gloves

One of the most famous gloves in football, the Nike Vapor Jet 6.0 features Nike's signature Magnigrip palm material and lightweight padding around the thumb and wrist area for increased protection and comfort. Trusted by the top players, these gloves are built to increase ball control and make game-ending catches possible.

Best 7v7 Cleats: Nike Vapor Edge Pro

Football Cleats

The sleek design of this football cleat is built for the dynamic playmaker. Featuring a durable construction with mesh materials on the top of the foot, the Vapor Edge will allow your foot to breathe for optimal performance and comfort. The unique tongueless design creates a tight sock-like fit that wraps around the players ankles for optimal comfort and control on the field.

Best 7v7 Mouthguard: Nxtrnd ONE Mouthpiece

Football Mouthguard

The Nxtrnd ONE Mouthguard features an innovative breathing channel and bite pads that have made the guard very popular among all football players. The guard features a special lip shield that protects your teeth, gums, and lips, from damage. In addition, this guard offers a reinforced x-pattern bite pad to absorb high impact blows.

Check out the Nxtrnd ONE to learn more.

Best 7v7 Socks: XTD Padded Football Sock

Football Socks

The XTD Socks for football are made of cotton, nylon, and elastane, which gives them a nice soft feel. This combination of fibers ensures that these socks can stretch to cover your legs while maintaining their breathability and compression.
The socks are made with heel and toe reinforcements as well as arch compression to ensure a high performance long lasting fit. Also, the XTD Football sock features added padding around the ankle to reduce blisters and offer maximum impact protection.

Best 7v7 Sleeves: Nike Pro Adult Dri-FIT Arm Sleeves

Football Arm Sleeves

Constructed with Nike's Dri-Fit compression fabrics, these arm sleeves will keep your arms cool and dry while limiting scratches and burns to the skin. These sleeves add a smooth layer between the turf and your arms to help you make game-breaking plays.

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