Football Leg Sleeves

 Football Leg Sleeves and Football Socks

Play after play, football players run, jump, twist and bend putting their body through major physical activity and stress. With little time to recover between downs and games, more and more players have started wearing compression leg sleeves and Extended Socks during game action to increase performance and help accelerate recovery times.

Why do football players wear leg sleeves?

The mechanics involved in playing football are extremely strenuous to the body's muscles. The need for oxygen, the muscle's fuel, becomes increasingly important and must be replenished through the bloodstream as quickly as possible which necessitates exterior help, such as leg sleeves.

Moreover, Football leg sleeves reduce the impact on your legs by firmly holding tendons and muscles while you run. This added protection combined with the enhanced circulation helps the body to heal more quickly after intense games.

What are football leg sleeves for?

Due to increasing technology in the design of leg sleeves, making them tighter around the lower part of the leg nearest the foot and gradually decreasing moving up the calf, they can increase blood flow and supply more oxygen to the muscles.

In fact, the pressure contrast enables blood flow to fight against the effects of gravity and assists the body at shooting un-oxygenated blood back towards the heart, thus repeating the cycle and supplying more oxygenated blood where it's needed most.

Football Leg Sleeves

When on the gridiron, the action doesn't stop. Every second is packed with action and every single play can turn into something big. To perform at the top, you want your gear to be the best—right down to the socks and leg sleeves you wear.

Best Football Leg Sleeves

What leg sleeves should you buy?

To help make your buying decision easier, here are 5 features to look for choosing the pair that's right for you:

  1. Specialized Compression Zones
  2. Protective Design
  3. Full Range of Motion
  4. Comfortable and Durable Fabric
  5. Anti-Odor and Sweat Wicking Materials

1. Unique Compression Zones

Well designed football leg sleeves will feature graduated compression. Meaning, the sleeves offer more compression at the ankle and the lightest compression at the knee or towards the top of the sleeve. This compression range enhances muscle stamina and strength while making the legs feel lighter and more energized.

2. Protective Design

    Some sleeves are designed to be extremely durable and feature added padding in areas where impacts are more frequent. Typically, athletes playing high impact positions benefit from such features as they protect from numerous cuts, bruises and rashes that typically happen during a game.

    3. Full Range of Motion

      Designed to prevent swelling in the legs and muscle cramps, football leg sleeves featuring the appropriate design and compression range will boost performance and allow the athlete to play in comfort, achieving faster reaction times without injuries to the calf, ankle and leg.

      4. Comfortable and Durable Fabric

        The fabric football sleeves are made of is another important aspect to look for prior to purchase. Being worn on the legs over extended periods of time, the leg sleeves should be made of an extra soft fabric while fitting snugly to reduce irritation and deliver maximum comfort.

        5. Anti-Odor and Sweat Wicking Materials

          Moisture retaining materials cause bacteria growth which can cause skin rashes and discomfort if worn over extended periods of time. Fortunately, advancements in sock and sleeve technology now allow for breathable materials with antimicrobial fabrics that prevent bacteria from multiplying.



          Nxtrnd XTD Padded Football Socks
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          Nxtrnd XTD Football Scrunch Socks

          Take control with a pair of Nxtrnd XTD Extra-Long padded socks. The XTDs are not only extremely comfortable and supportive, but also provide leg compression for improved blood circulation which is important for quick recovery after an intense game. Unlike other socks, the XTD sock stays in place at knee level, which enables you to stay focused on the game without any distractions.

          Breathable and lightweight, the XTD sock provides the right amount of cushioning in the right areas. Tested for durability and extended life span, after many uses, the socks hold very well by keeping their shape and compression.



          With the Under Armour Team OTC sock (over the calf sock), you'll be sure to stay cool and comfortable all four quarters. Made of a polyester-nylon-spandex fabric that wicks sweat and moisture from the skin, and a built-in odor management technology, this sock is designed for performance and durability.

          In regards to cushioning, your feet will be ready for action with great heel cushioning and arch support. Available in a wide variety of colors, you can easily find a color that best matches your team and style.


          The ID Number Crew Socks are sure to keep your feet feeling great each and every game. Made of a unique yarn blend that reduces moisture and bacteria, you'll be able to play distraction free and in complete comfort. Available in multiple colors and sizes, you'll be sure to find the perfect pair for your needs.

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