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How to clean and make football gloves sticky

How to clean and make football gloves sticky

A well made pair of football gloves can do some pretty amazing things. First and foremost, they vastly improve a football player's grip, which helps with maintaining possession after hard tackles and making spectacular catches look routine.

They also tremendously improve the style department, as football gloves instantly make any player look good. These gloves are well worth the investment in more ways than one, but what good are they if they are dirty and worn out?

The G1 Football glove is not only known for its effectiveness on the gridiron but for its durability as well. What is the point of buying new gloves if they need to be replaced every few weeks of a season?

You need gloves that are built to survive the grind, since football is a game in which players rely heavily on their equipment. The G1 is the tough and tacky glove you are looking for.

How To Wash Your Football Gloves

Cleaning your football gloves is a quick and easy process.

On Field Method:

For a fast pick-me-up, simply rub them down with a damp/moist towel to immediately restore the tackiness and vibrant colors of your NXT-Grip palm. Since this task only takes a minute to complete on the sidelines, it is great for in-game needs.

Gloves are regularly stained with grass and dirt during a game, meaning the quality of your gloves will be put at risk if you do not tend to them. It is imperative that you maintain an optimal grip all the way through the 4th quarter, and a quick rub down can do just the trick for your G1 football gloves.

After the final whistle has been blown, there are a few more simple steps to ensure your gloves feel as good as new.

At Home Method:

The G1 gloves should be hand-washed and dried. This should happen after every game so that your gloves maintain their signature look and feel while you're making your playoff push late in the season.

For the best results, wash them in warm water using non-bleach detergent. We know that your gloves can have a pretty strong odor after a long, grueling game. To further combat the smell, mix in some anti-bacterial denture cleanser to completely eliminate the stench.

Once you have washed them, air dry them by hanging them on a clothes line. These simple steps will leave your gloves looking and feeling just like they did when you bought them, something that will pay dividends the next time you step on the gridiron.

The G1 gloves may be flashy, especially with the dozens of color combinations you can throw together. However, while some competitors offer style over substance. The G1 gloves blend the two into a top-notch pair of gloves that can last you an entire season. If you follow these simple maintenance and cleaning techniques, you will look, feel and play at an elevated level this season.

How to increase Football Glove Grip and Stickiness

Washing football gloves has been known as one of the methods that can make your football gloves sticky, but you don't have that luxury in the middle of the game. Here are 3 quick tips you can use to make your football gloves grip without breaking the rules.

1) Removing Sweat: Wipe the sweat off your palms by rubbing them against your pads. You can also lay your gloves out to dry in the sun. Putting them in the sun to dry will ensure quick moisture evaporation and restore your gloves stick on game day.

2) Spit Method: The spit method is highly preferred by several football players because you can do it several times during the game. Simply spit and wipe your gloves against each other during the match, and you can be sure that your grip will increase.

3) Baby Wipe/Clorox Wipe Method: Being done by many players for one main reason: it works! You can take some baby/Clorox wipes and wipe your football gloves to increase their grip during a match. Make sure to get your palms and fingers for optimal grip. However, this method can only be done at the beginning or during intervals.

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