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Youth Football Socks

Youth Football Socks

Best Youth Football Socks

At Nxtrnd, we know that when you look good, you feel good and consequently, you play good. Every athlete should take pride in their uniform, especially when it doesn't take much to start every game looking your best.

Staying fresh and looking good on the field starts from the bottom-up. One of the most important parts of a football player's body are his feet and we want to make sure you stay sharp this season with some fresh football socks.

The Nxtrnd XTD Socks are extra-long over the calf socks made from a breathable poly-cotton blend and charged with a durable yet comfortable cotton footbed. The XTD socks feature a stretchy, bacteria blocking material that remains soft while allowing for a secure fit and will stay fresh throughout the game.

What are the best football socks?

When buying football socks, comfort should be the main priority. A good pair must provide enough protection, comfort and flexibility for you to perform at your best in all weather conditions and at all times.

Unfortunately, unless you know exactly what you're looking for, finding the best football socks can be more difficult than it seems. In fact, buying the wrong pair can result in all kinds of irritation, odours and painful blisters.

The article is here to help you find the most comfortable and protective socks on the market.

Top Pick: Nxtrnd XTD Football Socks

Best Football Socks

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You definitely get what you pay for with these socks. The XTD Socks feature high comfort, sweat-wicking fabrics and unique padding making them the perfect sock for training and in-game use. Packed with the most advanced material technology, our socks are made from re-engineered yarn that delivers maximum foot traction, breathability and durability which makes them extremely popular amongst football players of all positions.

2nd Best Football Sock: Nike Everyday Max Dri-Fit Crew Sock

Second Best Football Socks

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Nike's Dri-Fit technology is known across all sports. These socks perform incredibly well in all conditions. The Everyday socks keep your feet dry at all times and are ideal for training and outdoor activities. The added cushion in the heel provides additional comfort and protection when wearing cleats as well as the durability needed to last you through the season.

3rd Best Football Sock: Adidas Adi 21 Sock

Third Best Football Sock

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This knee high sock is lightweight and is made of recycled polyester known as Primegreen technology. The Adi21 socks feature special cushioned zones around the ankle and heel area making them very comfortable and protective. The PrimeGreen aero ready material helps you stay cool and dry throughout the game.

What socks do football players wear?

Football Sock Material

The best socks for american football players are lightweight and breathable over the calf padded socks. The length of these socks eliminates the risk of the sock falling down and eliminates the need to layer multiple pairs which ultimately affects breathability and comfort.

In addition, covering the calf creates an extra protection barrier to the skin from injuries like scratches and burns. Some socks also offer slight muscle compression which helps increase blood flow, muscle recovery and performance.

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Why do football players wear two socks?

Keeping warm and staying comfortable is crucial for high contact athletes, football players can sometimes be seen wearing two pairs of socks to stay warm. Football is a sport that is played in the spring and fall. The weather can fluctuate from hot one day to cold the next. In order to stay warm and comfortable, most players choose to wear long socks instead of pants.

Also, being a rule in the NFL to have socks matching the team colors, most football players prefer to wear two socks in order to get the comfort and feel they desire while abiding to their uniform regulations.

Why do footballers wear white socks over their socks?

Football Sock Padding

Football is a high speed, high contact game which includes a lot of twisting, running and jumping. For protection, knee high socks are extremely useful. Knee high socks feature a scrunch design to stop the sock from falling down the leg as well as heel and toe padding for maximum foot comfort and protection.

The XTD Socks will protect your leg from scratches, reduce heel bruises while keeping your feet and legs comfortable throughout the season.

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