Best football towel

What is the best football towel?

A good skill towel is a must if you're a football player. Whether you play in dry, humid, hot or cold weather — you probably get a good sweat in every training or playing session. You'll want a towel to keep your things dry, comfortable and debris free, as having the ball slip out of your hands or dirt on your visor can be the difference between winning and losing a game.

A great towel for football should be ultra-absorbent, keep you cool, be soft to the touch and easy to transport when on the field. Below, we have found some of the best towels for football players that are made up of all or most of the must-have aspects mentioned above and that are affordable enough to buy multiple times.

We've got larger towels as well as smaller cooling towels that'll help with temperature regulation during game time. The models in the list below are made of fast-drying microfiber that is also super absorbent. These football towels are compact, easy to wear on the field and come in multiple sizes depending on your preference and style of play.

1) SKL Football Towel
2) Gatorade Premium Sideline Towel
3) Nike Football Towel

What kind of towels do football players use?

While watching a football game, you may have noticed NFL players wearing towels around their belt. A football towel is a towel that players wear on the field to keep their hands and the ball dry at all times. In the NFL, players can be seen matching their team colors to the accessories they wear such as to their towel.

The most common positions that wear towels are: Quarterbacks, Running Backs and Lineman.

What are the towels NFL players wear?

If you dislike feeling hot and drenched in sweat, consider using one of the football towels mentioned below. These towels will help you keep your equipment clean and easy to handle, two vital aspects to your football performance!

Best Football Towel

1) SKL Football Towel

Best Football Towel
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The STR football towel markets itself as one of the first towels of its kind. It’s very slim, with a modern cut and ultra-micro fiber fabric. This towel is designed for functionality and style. Made by athletes and engineers, a lot of time was spent carefully perfecting the STR Streamer towel.

Similar to the Nike towel, this towel is meant to be used specifically by football players. Featuring a quick attaching velcro closure for easy installation to football pants, and an ergonomic design to reduce weight and offer seamless integration to the athletes equipment. The STR Towel is a durable towel that does exactly what it is meant to do while staying stylish. Additionally, this towel has an embroidered locker tag, so you’ll always know who’s towel is whose.

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2) Gatorade Premium Sideline Towel

Gatorade Best football towel
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Known for their thirst-quenching beverages, Gatorade is a big brand amongst fitness, working out and athletic enthusiasts. Coming in at 2nd on our "Best football towel list", the Gatorade towel is a lightweight and durable towel made of 100% cotton that quickly absorbs sweat. This towel also comes in multiple colors and with multiple Gatorade logo designs to make you stand out amongst other players.

3) Nike Football Towel

Nike Best football towel

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If you play or watch football, then you've probably seen this towel worn by the pros. The Nike football towel is made of terry fabric which is quick drying and will keep you staying dry all game long. As seen on the STR Towel, this towel also features a velcro loop closure so it can hook to the players belt. In addition, this towel comes with a locker tag to help you identify your towel.

Where do you put a football towel?

Depending on the player's position, a football towel can be worn in different locations.

  • For quarterbacks, a towel should be worn on the front right or left side of their throwing hip. The location of the towel is placed where the player can easily wipe his hand off before making a snap and keep the hands dry throughout the whole process.
  • For centers, a towel should be located where it does not interfere with the ball and quarterback on the exchange. Typically, the towel should be located on the front or side of the player's hip.
  • For running backs, a towel should be located in an area where a defender can not pull on it. The location of the towel should be tucked in on either hip.
  • For wide receivers, the location of the towel is completely up to the player's preference.

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