What are socks used for in soccer?

Padded Soccer Socks

The days of loose and uncomfortable socks are over. In sports, keeping your feet and legs in their best condition is vital if you want to compete at the highest level or at your best ability. Newly designed compression socks not only support your feet and legs but also boost blood circulation to your muscles to provide superior recovery and endurance.

Soccer players generally use socks for 3 main reasons:

1) They cover and hold shin pads in place increasing protection.
2) They keep your calf muscles warm reducing injury
3) They offer compression to the leg muscles increasing blood circulation

Do grip socks work for soccer?

Being the most popular sport in the world, the need for constant improvements in soccer equipment is never ending. One such enhancement related to soccer equipment is the presence of grips on the bottom sock.

Why do soccer players wear grip socks?

More commonly known as grip socks, these unique long socks feature anti-slip grips which are meant to aid in enhancing performance by allowing a "Locked-in" feel to the feet. These socks work by reducing the slipping action between the athlete's foot and the sole of the cleat which allows 100% efficiency when making swift turns and changes in directions. In addition, the reduction in slippage also mitigates blisters and foot pain.

Are grip socks worth it for soccer?

When your foot slips inside your cleat, a certain amount of energy transfer is wasted between yourself and the field. Especially noticeable when added up during longer game times, the wasted energy created can make a real difference in the final portions of the game.

Not to mention the painful blisters caused by the repetitive skin rubbing in the cleat which can affect your game and even keep you on the sidelines altogether.

What do footballers wear under their socks?

In order to make sure their socks do not move, soccer players use what is known as sock tape/wrap. To secure their socks and feet game after game, and improve their performance, soccer players around the world use cohesive sock wrap.

Soccer performance Socks

In sports like soccer where athletes feet are one of the most important aspects of the game, socks are more than just another piece of equipment. To professional players, socks must meet extremely high standards.

What are good soccer socks?

The best soccer socks in the world must be lightweight, tight to not roll down, thick enough to have durability and stretch enough to cover the leg. Let's take a look at some of the best soccer socks today:

  1. XTD® Padded Long socks
  2. Adidas Traxion Premier OTC Socks
  3. TRUsox® 3.0 Mid-Calf Crew Cushioned Socks
  4. Nike Vapor Crew Socks
  5. Adidas Rivalry Field OTC Socks

Best Soccer Socks Reviewed

1) XTD Padded Long socks

Soccer Socks
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When on the soccer field, you want your equipement—right down to the socks you wear—to be the very best. Take control with a pair of Nxtrnd XTD Extra-Long padded socks. The XTDs are not only extremely comfortable and supportive, but also provide leg compression for improved blood circulation which is important for quick recovery after an intense game. Unlike other soccer socks, the XTD sock stays in place at knee level, which enables you to stay focused on the game without any distractions.

Breathable and lightweight, the XTD sock provides the right amount of cushioning and grip in the right areas. Tested for durability and extended life span, after many uses, the socks hold very well by keeping their shape and compression.


  • Targeted cushioning provides shock absorption
  • Arch and ankle compression increases stability
  • Ribbed underfoot provides great
  • Mesh top of foot for more air flow and moisture evaporation


  • Might be tight around shin pads
  • Not offered in all sizes

2) Adidas Traxion Premier OTC Socks

Soccer socks

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The traxion socks are made up of high quality materials and embellished with the newest technology in sports science. The socks are long-lasting, durable and are available in a wide range of colors. Featuring some of the best design aspects the industry has to offer, here is a quick recap of their main pros and cons.


  • Great Sweat Control
  • Cushioned foot and ankle
  • Materials are highly stretchable and durable
  • Traxion allows better grip and stability


  • Traxion can reduce foot breathability
  • Sizing may feel tight on calves

3) TRUsox® 3.0 Mid-Calf Crew Cushioned Socks


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Trusox are great to wear during training and matches. Being known as the most "grippy" socks available, these socks feature a textured grip on the underfoot to reduce slippage within the boot without compromising comfort. The Trusox soccer socks are made of a synthetic material that quickly wicks moisture and has hock absorbing cushioning that makes them comfortable to wear on and off the field.


  • Great foot traction
  • High comfort
  • Features padding for increased protection
  • Durable material


  • More expensive that other brands
  • Underfoot does not breathe very well
  • Thick material

4) Nike Vapor Crew Socks

Soccer Socks

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Nike makes some of the best athletic equipment in the industry and their socks are no different. Composed of synthetic fibers with Nike's special dry-fabric, these socks will be sure to wick sweat away from your feet and keep them cool and dry at all times. Featuring a dynamic arch band, zonal cushioning with grip and padding around the foot, the Nike Vapor socks are very comfortable to wear and easy to maintain.


  • High quality materials
  • Tight fit
  • Fair price point
  • Very breathable


  • Not the best grip
  • Sizing can sometimes differ
  • Durability issues

5) Adidas Rivalry Field OTC Socks

Soccer Socks

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Similar to the Nike vapor socks, the Adidas Rivalry are composed of synthetic materials that increase moisture evaporation and foot breathability. These socks also feature design aspects that make them extremely durable, very soft and comfortable to wear. With their added arch/ankle compression and fully cushioned footbed, the Rivalry socks allow increased foot stability and great protection.


  • Thick material increases durability
  • Great moisture management
  • Perfect compression balance
  • Very comfortable design


  • Less than optimal grip
  • Might be to thick for hot weather conditions
  • Might not stay in place at all-times

Why do soccer players wear long socks?

In order to prevent shin guards from getting dislodged and moving during a game, soccer players wear long socks.

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