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Best Football Helmets

Best Football Helmets

Best Football Helmet 2024

There's no denying that football is a dangerous high impact sport. In order to keep the sport incredibly exciting and thrilling, ensuring safety of the players that play the game is a top priority. The most important piece of football equipment is the helmet. In the past 20 years, football helmets have evolved significantly. Initially designed to prevent skull injuries, today's football helmets have been designed using the industry's most advanced technologies.

The list below will suggest the best football helmets to help you pick the model that best suits your needs as a player. Every helmet on the list was evaluated based on Virginia Tech STAR evaluation system.

The helmets receive a rating based on specific impact tests that analyze their ability to reduce linear and rotational acceleration of the head. In general, the higher the star count the more the helmet will reduce the risk of concussion.

What is the most protective football helmet?

  • The Best Football Helmet $900+: Schutt F7 LTD
  • The Best Football Helmet $700 to $900: Vicis ZERO2 Trench
  • The Best Football Helmet $500 to $700: Riddell Speedflex Diamond
  • The Best Football Helmet $300 to $500: Xenith Shadow
  • The Best Football Helmet Under $300: Schutt Vengeance Pro LTD

What is the best football helmet overall?

If you happen to be looking for the best football helmet overall, we recommend any of the above 5-Star helmets. However, because there are some differences in impact performance and factors such as cost, fit, and comfort, you may wonder which helmet is the safest overall?

Look no further than the Riddell Speedflex Football Helmet!

Riddell Speedflex Helmet

Since the 1930's, Riddell has been one of the leading manufacturers of football protective equipment. Today, thanks to their constant research and innovations within the impact sports industry, Riddell is a recognized leader in football helmet technology.

One such innovation is the Riddell Speedflex Helmet. Offering increased protection and enhanced comfort, this helmet can now be seen on more and more varsity and professional players, and is taking the football world by storm.

Riddell Speedflex Review

The Speedflex is one of the most popular football helmets for a reason. Solid, reliable and incredible at its job, the helmet was created after analyzing over 2 million data points from specific impacts on the football field.

In fact, unlike the classic construction of most football helmets, the speedflex is designed to adapt and flex witht the impact it receives. It's unique design helps redistribute external forces and minimizes the shocks transmitted to the head. Here are the top benefits that come with wearing the Speedflex helmet.


Patented Side Impact Protection (PSIP)

  • The PSIP is a technology that minimizes impact forces coming from the players side. The added protection to the helmet's sides supports the player in the mandible and temporal regions of the head. The side of the helmet features an extra shell and liner which reduces linear and rotational acceleration of the neck commonly involved with concussion inducing hits.

Valve Locks

  • The valve lock system allows the player to quickly and easily remove or install the helmet's protective cushioning. When locked, the valves on the inside of the helmet help keep the air liner and stem in place on the inside of the shell.

Quick Release Hardware

  • The Speedflex comes with a system called Quick Release Hardware. With the simple press of a button, the quick release system allows the facemask to easily disengage from the helmet. Being compatible with over 28 different styles of facemask, wearers can easily detach and re-attach a facemask of their choosing. To top it off, the system also allows the ability to remove and insert padding for optimal comfort.


  • Featuring a top quality liner which improves helmet stability and provides additional comfort. The front region of the liner has a occipital air pad that protects and cradles the occipital lobe. Moreover, the helmet has 5 inflation locations for optimal comfort and fit across various head sizes. The helmet's quick "Ratchet-Loc" chinstrap attachment enables fast adjustments without having to remove the helmet which is great when you want to make quick adjustments during the heat of the game.

Flex System

  • To significantly reduce the impact force transfer to the players head, the Riddell Speedflex's Flex System is engineered to recoil with the players head when impact is made. The component is simply a great addition to the helmet and is an integral component for peak performance and athletic protection.

Liner System

  • The Tru-Curve liner system conforms to the players head and contours around the helmet shell to deliver state of the art protection throughout many seasons of use. Combined with the flex system and PSIP hardware, the Speedflex helmet is one of the most comfortable, best-fitting, and secure helmets on the market.

Football Helmet Riddell - Conclusion

Allowing athletes to play and perform at their fullest capabilities. The Riddell Speedflex is an all-position and top of the line helmet that helps reduce the risk of concussion.

Combined with an affordable price, the Riddell Speedflex's iconic look is the go-to helmet for all football positions.

See more details here.

Is Xenith better than Riddell?

The Xenith Shadow and Riddell Speedflex were both part of the reclaimed Virginia Tech Helmet Ratings System that tested 15 of the best football helmets available. The helmets were evaluated by performing 120 impact tests at multiple points of contact in the intent to effectively measure their capacity to reduce the risk of concussion. 

The results concluded with both helmets earning 5-Star from the VA Tech laboratory testing. In fact, the Riddell Speedflex earned slightly more points than the Xenith Shadow and placed it higher in the best football helmet rankings.

Overall, the Riddell Speedflex came in 5th place and the Xenith Shadow came in 6th place. 

Is Speedflex better than F7?

Again, when comparing results from Virginia Tech Helmet Ratings, the Riddell Speedflex and Schutt F7 helmets both received ratings of 5-Stars, meaning they are among the top 26 Football helmets available today.

However, when looking closer the Schutt f7 helmet scored almost 1 full point better than the Riddell Speedflex (0.75 vs 1.69), making it stand 1 spot higher in the best helmet rankings. 

best youth football helmet 2024

To protect the body from unwanted brain injuries and concussion risk, all football players should wear the right protective gear during the game and practice sessions. One such piece of equipment is the helmet, especially important for youth players because their body may be more vulnerable. 

What is the best football helmet for youth?

When it comes to youth football helmets, the Riddell Youth Speedflex Football Helmet ticks all the boxes. Specially designed for the needs of youth athletes, it's design features, comfort and protection make it the best overall helmet. Highlights include a flexible dashboard design that reduces impact force, Ratchet-Loc system for quick and easy adjustments, occipital air liner providing the perfect custom fit and five point liner inflation valves that keeps the helmet protecting and performing throughout the season.

Youth Football Helmet


  • Comes in 10+ Colors and 4 Sizes
  • Heat Exchange Technology
  • Quick Release Facemask System
  • Made of Lightweight High Impact Absorbing Plastic
  • Inflatable Padded Liner


  • Does not fit some head sizes

How long are youth football helmets good for?

Athletes should not attempt to make any modifications or repairs to the helmet themselves. Football helmets should always be replaced no later than 10 years from the date of manufacturing. Many helmets will need annual reconditioning from a licensed professional and may need replacement before the 10 year mark depending upon wear and tear.

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