What gloves do they wear in the NFL?

Do American football players wear gloves?

Having been in contact with some of the top NFL players, we've gathered valuable information about what the best football players are wearing on the field. We've been able to discover specific products some players say they couldn't play without. In this article, we'll focus on the receivers, the running backs and the gloves they wear come gameday.

When looking at a football team, you almost never see a wide receiver without a pair of sticky gloves on. In fact, since its invention in the 1980's, sticky adhesive palms have been used by almost all NFL players for better grip making gloves a must-have amongst many players.

Top 3 gloves according to our research:

1) Nike Vapor Jet

Nike Football Gloves

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Arguably the best receiver gloves for a decade now, the Nike Vapor Jet football gloves fit like a second skin which makes catching a football feel as natural as possible. With the Vapor Jet, Nike has incorporated their Magnigrip technology into the palm making them stickier than most other brands. There's a reason some of the league's top players like Mike Evans, OBJ, and Stefon Diggs can be seen wearing the Vapor Jet.

2) Under Armour Spotlight

UA Football Gloves

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Featuring its "Glue Grip", the Under Armour Spotlight makes this list's second best football glove. The Spotlight comes with a super sticky grip that remains sticky for a very long time. Being made of a "Microthread" fiber on the back of hand, these gloves will remain comfortable at all times of play. You have probably already seen these gloves on playmakers like DK Metcalf and Justin Jefferson.

3) Adidas Adizero

Adidas Football Gloves

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Like Adidas most popular cleat, the Adizero model gloves are the most popular glove style Adidas produces. Being designed of lightweight and comfortable materials and a sticky palm, the Adizero has solidified its spot as the industry third best glove after the UA Spotlights. Available in a wide range of colors, you can see the Adizero gloves worn by athletes like Henry Ruggs, Marquise Brown, and Darius Slayton.

What is a good price for football gloves?

Being a very important piece of equipment for athletes in football, choosing the right pair of gloves, whether for practice or gametime, isn't always the most simple task.

Usually, a good pair of football gloves isn't cheap, especially if you are looking for quality materials, sticky grip and a pair that will last a long time. In most cases, the cost of a football glove will vary based on the brand quality and type.

Here is a quick breakdown of your prices to help you better manage your budget.

Expensive ($60-$100): Although the prices are above average, you can be sure you will have a glove made of durable materials that will remain comfortable and high performing throughout multiple seasons.

Mid-range ($35-$60): Most football gloves fall under this price range. These gloves are high-quality, durable, and will allow you to get the job done for at-least one season of intense gameplay.

Inexpensive ($15-$35): If you're buying a pair of inexpensive gloves, quality should not be one of your concerns. Whether you're buying for a young player that's growing quickly or for a beginner that won't notice the increased performance of the more expensive models, this price range should be your go-to for football gloves.

What do NFL players put on their gloves?

You might have already asked yourself why some NFL players wear sticky football gloves? Or, what are the best sticky football glove brands out there? And why don't all football players wear sticky gloves? In the article below, we breakdown the answers to all these questions.

Why wear sticky gloves in football?

For Wide Receivers and Tight Ends, having a grip that can make catching passes from a quarterback easier is critical. Top NFL players always want to push the limits of their performance and have something with more grip than their hand.

Here are the top 3 reasons football players wear stick gloves:

  1. Better Grip
  2. More Weather Protection
  3. Stylish

What are the best sticky football glove brands out there?

The best gloves that feature strong durability, sticky palms, breathable materials, and more, come from brands such as: Nike, Under Armour, Adidas, Grip Boost and Nxtrnd.In addition to their highly sticky palms, these gloves will provide the perfect fit and comfort for all players.

Why don't all football players wear sticky gloves?

For football players, ball feel is of top priority. When it comes to throwing and catching, players want to make sure their hand feeling is maximized at all times. For this reason, some players prefer to keep their hands bare while others prefer a glove with sticky palms.

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