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What football gloves should I get?

What football gloves should I get?

How do I know what football gloves to buy?

In football, certain positions demand certain types of equipment. One of the most critical parts of every player's equipment bag are their football gloves. If you're a receiver, gloves can help you catch the ball, while running back gloves can stop fumbles, and lineman gloves can protect your hands during hard hits.

Luckily, in football there are a wide variety of glove options available to fit every player's different needs. In the article below, you will find the few things to consider when buying your next pair of football gloves.

When purchasing a pair of football gloves, the first and most important feature you should look for is grip. No football player wants to be dropping the ball because of slippery hands. Today, football gloves come with tacky palms to keep the ball firmly grasped when catching a pass or rushing down the field. Another important aspect to look for are the SFIA specifications. The Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) require that all gloves conform to SFIA standards.

Over all aspects to look for before ordering a pair of football gloves, the most important aspect is how the glove fits on the hand. Even though the glove might have the best stick, if the fit doesn't feel right, it won't allow you to perform the way you want to.

When purchasing a pair of football gloves, the fit should be snug with very minimal empty space in the fingertips. A quick way to know if your glove fits right is by making a fist with your hand. If you're unable to close your hand, the glove is too small. On the other hand, if the glove is too large, it will slide around loosely causing bad ball feel and making catches more difficult. In general, badly fitting gloves will mean less grip, more difficulty catching the ball and could lead to finger and wrist injuries.

A well fitting glove can truly revolutionize the way you play the game. Once you find the glove that fits you best, you'll be ready to take your game to the next level.

Which football gloves are the best?

Specific positions demand the use of specific gloves that offer the highest level of comfort, tackiness and protection. With the best football gloves, you can boost your performance and game durability.

  • Best Wide Receiver Gloves: NXTRND G1
  • Best Lineman Gloves: NIKE D-TACK 6
  • Best Padded Skill Gloves: CUTTERS GAMER 3.0

Do football gloves really help?

Almost every football player in high school, college, and the NFL can be seen wearing gloves. There are several reasons football players wear gloves, all to help performance. Here are the top reasons why football players wear gloves.

  1. Help Secure The Football
  2. Help Keep Hands Warm
  3. Protecting Hands

Help Secure The Football

As the football game goes on, your hand will naturally tend to sweat and accumulate moisture. Football players wear gloves to ensure the ball doesn't slip and that the catch is safely secured.

Slippery hands can cause fumbles and dropped passes which can negatively impact a player's confidence.

Gloves can help secure the football in the hand when catching or running with the football.

Help Keep Hands Warm

Since football is often played in the colder months of the year, the presence of snow, rain, and high winds is not uncommon. Gloves can help protect the hands for the cold weather.

A well made pair of football gloves can act like a second layer of skin during cold evening games which can help dexterity and improve catches.

Protecting Hands

Being a high contact sport, football players' fingers and hands can easily get scratched and bruised. To protect from hand injuries, players can wear gloves with unique padding over the most susceptible areas of injury.

In general, gloves are not thick enough to prevent major cuts, but are very useful at preventing turf burn and small cuts that would otherwise affect game performance.

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