Technology & Instructions

Made For Football – Protects football players against turf burn and abrasions. NCAA and NFHS compliant.

Ultra Sticky – The sports wrap does not come off during games thanks to its superior stick.

Extra Wide – The sport tape is 4 Inches Wide and 20 Feet Long. The athletic wrap will last 8 games when worn on both arms. Each box includes 1 roll of tape.

Easy To Use – Can quickly and easily be applied in the locker room or on the sidelines. Simply tear, stick, and rub for the perfect fit.

Durable – Made of a thick, stretchy, and breathable cotton/nylon blend. The kinetic tape is designed to withstand tackles, falls, and all other frequent contact on the field.

Helps Muscle Recovery – Supports muscles, joints, & tendons during games. It can also be used during workouts as muscle tape for faster recovery.

Waterproof – The waterproof tape stays on all game long no matter the intensity of the play. It can also be worn during rainy or snowy games.

Directions – Peel, cut, and stick the tape onto the entire length of your extended arm. Once in place, rub the tape from the center moving outwards. Apply the tape 15 minutes in advance for optimal stick during bad weather.