What Mouthguard Is Best For You

One of the most important factors all athletes must consider before heading out to their sport is that their teeth are well protected. Training and game related injuries have long been the cause of serious dental problems.

The challenge most athletes face when having to protect their teeth is choosing the right mouthguard. This article will break down the top 5 qualities you should consider when looking into a mouthguard.

  • Protection

  • Comfort

  • Sport Specific

  • Ease of speech

  • Breathability

Mouthguard Protection and Comfort: 

The right mouthguard should offer both comfort and protection. You don’t want to wear something that makes you feel uncomfortable and susceptible to injury. A well fitted mouthguard should not require the clenching of teeth to hold it in, nor  should it become loosely positioned in your mouth while actively engaged in your sport.

If you constantly worry about your mouthguard falling out and it becomes an irritating distraction, your performance will be negatively affected. If this occurs, you should consider purchasing a new guard.

Nxtrnd Technology

Mouthguard Made For Your Sport:

Before purchasing your mouthguard, you should look for the model that has it's design and features specifically related to your individual sport.

In fact, every sport that you participate in has its own set of rules and regulations regarding the different levels of protection that are required.  For example, Football players and boxers might need a higher degree of protection than a volleyball player.

Wearing a face shield?

If you wear a face shield, you may want to look into a mouthguard featuring a removable strap such as the Nxtrnd ONE Mouthguard. For full body contact sports like football and lacrosse, we recommend a low profil mouth guard with lip shield that protects against lip lacerations and upper lower jaw collisions. 

Nxtrnd Lip Guard
Best Mouthguards on Amazon

Don't wear a face shield?

If your sport doesn't require face shields, we recommend mouthguards that feature more frontal protection and that keep your teeth protected from arm and elbow impacts. Such as our Rush and Classic models.

Nxtrnd ZERO

Best Mouthguards on Amazon

Braces Mouthguards?

If you have braces, the mouthguard must not interfere with the brackets or wires. We recommend a mouthguard engineered specifically for use with braces that prevents irritation and discomfort. Mouthguards designed for braces feature a special channel to fit over brackets and wires without affecting orthodontic alignment. We recommend the Nxtrnd Braces Mouthguard

Nxtrnd Braces
Best Mouthguards on Amazon

Mouthguard That Allows Breathing and Speech

For optimal protection and athletic performance on the field, it all begins with the proper equipment and fit. When choosing a mouthguard, it is important you are getting one that has features suited for your sport and your mouth structure.

Ideally, the guard should enable you to breath and communicate easily if your position demands calling out plays, shots and calls. The guard must fit tightly on the upper teeth without being held is place by biting and clenching.

To find out if a guard is the right fit, try holding a conversation with someone and if you're prevented from doing so and have difficulties breathing, the guard should be changed.

At Nxtrnd, we strive to produce the most protective, performance enhancing and comfortable mouth guards on the market. We don't just make standard mouth guards, we make mouth guards specific to your sport that actually improve your performace by providing optimal protection.

Best Mouthguards - 3 Recommendations

Here are three recommendations that cover some of the best mouth guards around, each produced with our signature EVA material blend. This short list is designed not only to highlight quality mouthguards, but to give you a sense of what’s out there (a lot!) and help you find the mouthguard that’s right for you. (Please read our "About us" section to get more backstory.)


Top 3 Sports Mouthguards


Best Mouthguard For Sports Overview

- NXTRND Rush Mouthguard

- NXTRND Zero Mouthguard

- NXTRND Classic Mouthguard

When researching the best sports mouthguards, the No.1 priority should be protection. Training and game related injuries have long been the cause of serious dental problems, especially in team and contact sports where blows to the face are common and non-forgiving.

The sport mouth guard models in the list above Rush, Zero, and Classic—all have proven track records in terms of product protection and customer satisfaction.

How do you decide what mouth guard is for you? Which mouthguard is best for your players? We’ve come up with a list below of some of the highest rated and effective sports mouthguards to help make your decision easier. Please click here to learn more

Oh and for you gridiron guys out there, see our list for some of the best football mouthguards available today.

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