How To Fit A Mouthguard?

Mouthguard Fitting Guide

Mouthguards are one of the most important pieces of protective equipment an athlete can have. According to the American Dental Association, a properly fitted mouthguard should be part of every athlete's gear, regardless if their sport involves body contact or not. Properly fitting your guard against your teeth makes wearing one more comfortable and increases its protective abilities as well as your athletic performance.

For all Nxtrnd mouthguard fitting instructions, please click on the appropriate model:

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Nxtrnd CLASSIC Mouthguard Fitting Instructions
Nxtrnd ONE Mouthguard Fitting Instructions
Nxtrnd Braces Mouthguard Fitting Instructions
Nxtrnd Zero Mouthguard Fitting Instructions

For general instructions on how to size your mouth guard, please follow the steps below

You will need:

  • 1 pot with water 
  • 1 cup of ice water
  • 1 mirror
  • 1 timer
  • 1 slotted plastic spoon

Step 1:

Fill a pot with 3 inches of water and bring the water to a boil.

Step 2:

Remove the boiling water from the heat source and let the water cool for 30 seconds.

Step 3:

Submerge the mouthguard with the inner liner facing down in the water for 20-30 seconds until the mouthguard walls begin to deform. (See pdf attachements above, for the exact timing which will vary depending on the model of mouth guard.)

Step 4:

Remove the mouthguard from the hot water and let cool under cold water for 2 seconds.

Step 5:

Using a mirror, gently insert the mouthguard into your mouth by aligning it with the center line of your front teeth. Once aligned, using your fingers, press down on your molars and proceed to the next step.

Step 6:

Bring your lower jaw forward and lightly bite down on the mouthguard while pushing the front part of the guard against your teeth and up towards your gums.

Step 7:

Continue the process of pressing against the edges of the guard while sucking the air out for 60 seconds.

Step 8:

Remove the moulded mouthguard from your mouth and place it in ice water for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, try the mouthguard on and make sure it fits tightly around your teeth.


When your mouthguard fits correctly, you’ll wreap all the benefits of wearing a mouthguard, which includes;  protecting your teeth from chips and cracks and eliminating side effects like jaw pain, facial pain, and headaches.

The teeth you have are the only ones you’re ever going to get, so it’s essential you do everything in your power to protect them. For many athletes, that means wearing a Nxtrnd mouthguard.

At Nxtrnd Mouthguards, our mission is simple:

"Enhance athletic performance by providing innovative protection equipment."


Best Amazon Mouthguards

Mouthguards Under $30


 [Nxtrnd Classic Mouthguard]

Clear Mouthguard for sports


Having gained enormous attention over recent years amongst athletes of all levels and all sports. The Nxtrnd brand is known for high quality sports mouthguards and the Classic™ mouthguard is another great model to the lineup.

The Nxtrnd Classic™ is a customizable boil and bite mouthguard featuring a unique high quality EVA material blend that is 38% more impact absorbent than its competitors. Its soft gel liner allows high impact absorption as well as a snug fit against teeth for optimal user comfort. The mouthguard is BPA, PVC and Latex free and can be used by women, men and children over the age of 11.

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[Nxtrnd ONE Mouthguard]

Best Football Mouthguard


The ONE lip guard not only fits well but is also extremely comfortable. Being both comfortable and protective, on field performance will not be negatively affected and you will be able to take your game to a new level.

Having one of the largest air holes on the market, this mouthguard is designed to allow maximum breathability which is a huge benefit. In fact, by making breathing easy, a player can increase the oxygen to his muscle and brain allowing for quicker reaction times and faster recovery play after play.

Made from our signature reinforced thermoplastic material, this mouthguard absorbs 90% more energy than your standard store bought guards, and also features an over-sized breathing channel delivering 2X more airflow

Because of the overall size of the mouth guard, talking may be an issue. However, that’s a small price to pay for the security it provides. Check Out The 10+ Colors Nxtrnd ONE™ Here.

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[Nxtrnd Rush Mouthguard]

Mouthguard for sports


Very few brands offer the same level of protection from design and innovation as that provided by the Nxtrnd RUSH™ Mouthguard.

If you're looking for a maximum protection mouthguard, the Nxtrnd RUSH™ is the model for you. Designed for the harsh impacts of combat sports like boxing and MMA, this mouthguard is bombproof and will easily protect you when going for personal records. The unique material and design this guard features has made it not only safe, but extremely comfortable and breathable as well.

Specially designed with an innovative dual layer system and signature EVA moldable liner to form to your teeth and gum lines, the RUSH™ offers a tight and comfortable fit. Additionally, this mouthguard has a heavy-duty exoskeletal impact blocking frame which can withstand the biggest forces your sport can deliver.

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[Nxtrnd Zero Mouthguard]

Best Thin Mouthguard


Topping our ranks is the ZERO™ mouth guard, the thinnest mouthguard on the market. The Zero mouthguard is lightweight, and amazing to wear. Its ultra-thin design makes it hardly noticeable when in the mouth and is the perfect choice for athletes that dislike the feel of bulky mouthguards.

The low-profile design also makes breathing extremely easy while wearing it.
With an increasingly good reputation amongst beginner and professional athletes, this mouthguard has been demonstrating it can withstand impact across all sports. What makes this guard so impressive is the craftsmanship involved in the designing of the mouthguard.

The Nxtrnd ZERO™ is a high quality guards designed to provide enhanced protection and performance. At Nxtrnd, we focus on producing thin, durable and easy to mold guards that could easily be mistaken for a $300 custom fit mouth guard made by a dentist.

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[Nxtrnd Braces Mouthguard]



The Braces mouthguard is ideal for athletes with braces. For adults and children, the guard is designed to conform to your mouth instantly and adapt to changes as your teeth adjust over time. The special braces channel offers immediate comfort while also preventing the risk of lacerations.

The mouth guard is constructed out of a lightweight and comfortable medical-grade silicone material. The guard comes with an adjustable facemask strap for quick adjustments. Furthermore, the mouth guard is highly durable making it chew resistant. It guarantees a more secure fit over your braces, thereby preventing lacerations in your mouth.

Best Mouthguards on Amazon

To find the mouthguard designed for your sport, please click here.

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