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Best Martial Art

Today, you will have a difficult time finding a MMA athlete that is not well versed in all aspects of fighting. We have come to accept that the best style of martial art is a group of styles every fighters needs to be good at to succeed.
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Best MMA Gloves

Having the right gloves is critical to an MMA athlete’s performance and safety. As a fighter, it's important to have the right equipment for every aspect of your sport.
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Best Combat Sports Mouthguards

Discover the best combat sports mouthguards for: beginners, weekend warriors, women, and serious fighters. We've got 8+ years of using and designing mouthguards for sports.
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MMA, Boxing & Muay Thai

Even if you're sparring with padded gloves, all it takes is one misplaced punch to crack or knock a tooth loose and end a good session. A mouth guard can be considered as cheap insurance against any kind of mouth related injury.

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Why you should wear a mouthguard when boxing

Whether you're a new fighter or an experienced one, choosing the right mouthguard is extremely important before entering the ring and will help mitigate the severity of injuries to the mouth.
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Best Mouth Guard for Boxing/MMA under $25

When looking for a protective and comfortable mouthguard, it's important you purchase one from a trusted manufacturer. The cost associated with a better quality guard might be higher, but you should never put a price on your teeth.
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What Mouthguards Do Pro Boxers Use?

If you are new to boxing and are having trouble finding an adequate mouth guard, here is a guide to help you choose the best boxing mouth guard and keep you safe even if you don’t actually spar against someone in the ring.
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