TWO™ Football Mouthguard /w Strap Attached - 100 Count

Color: Black

Engineered for increased air flow, comfort and protection, play after play. Featuring durable thermo-rubber bite-pads, an oversized breathing hole and a reinforced lip shield. The TWO mouthguard is built for optimal performance on the field. For additional information or to ask a question, please click here.

  • Thermo-rubber X-Grip Bite Pads
  • Oversized NXT-AirVent System
  • Heavy Duty Adjustable Tether
  • Works with Braces
  • One Size Fits All

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  • TP-EVA (thermoplastic EVA) – the most advanced impact absorption material. TP-EVA is proven to have greater tensile strength , be ultra-lightweight & provide more comfort than any other mouthguard material on the field.
  • X-Pattern Bite Pads – strategically located in the most impacted areas of the mouthguard, X-Pattern Bite Pads incorporate additional TP-EVA cushioning, improving the mouthguard's performance against high forces.
  • Enhanced NXT Air Channel – incorporating a larger, more comfortable breathing configuration, the NXT Air Channel utilizes an internal NXT stabilization design to improve the strength and durability of the guard, while increasing oxygen intake by 50% and improving impact absorption.
  • High Performance Lip-Shield – re-engineered lip shield made of high performance impact foam – which is wrapped in soft, durable and comfortable EVA to increase lip protection.
  • Multi-Layer Material System – featuring an inflated inner core, along with a robust exterior liner. This system improves cushioning resulting in better fit, comfort and protection against impact forces.
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