Nxtrnd ambassador application

Application Form

We select a limited amount of people per year, we choose new brand ambassadors about once every 3 months. 

Anyone can apply to become a brand ambassador. This is a great opportunity for existing and potential customers to be a part of our journey and help grow our brand. This is also an ideal opportunity for athletes to get their names out there by working with a recognized company.

Brand ambassadors should enjoy being a part of the program and connecting with other people that have similar interests. We feel this is an encouraging and authentic way to grow the NXTRND brand. We also like interacting with up coming athletes that love what we stand for and consider themselves more than just "Basic customers". 


  • Brand Ambassador contracts last 30 days. Depending on performance, the contract will be extended or cancelled.
  • When the Athlete is representing the brand, it must be in a professional manner.
  • Must promote the brand as naturally as possible to followers/ teamates/ friends.
  • Athlete must become familiar with designated NXTRND products, thus being able to recommend products or recommend purchasing on the website www.nxtrndusa.com
  • Athlete must like the NxtrndUSA Facebook page, follow @nxtrndusa on twitter feed, and follow the @Nxtrnd Instagram page. Athlete may tag any relative post on Facebook or Instagram with the #Nxtrnd. We will only accept quality, valuable content.



  • Monthly store credit.
  • Occasional feature on our page if content provided meets our standards.

*Application will be cancelled if any of the above terms are not respected*
*Instagram account must be public*

Non-Disclosure Agreement:
To be a Brand Ambassador you must agree to this NDA (non-disclosure agreement), stating you will not use NXTRNDs marketing strategies to implement in your business. You agree not to disclose them with others, either by sharing or selling. Violating this NDA means that legal action may be pursued against you. The party who reveals confidential information could be sued for damages, be forced to pay back lost profits, and in some cases, be held in contempt of court (which could lead to criminal charges).

Non-Compete Clause:
This non-compete clause (NCC) is effective when you are selected as a brand ambassador. For 2 years after you are a brand ambassador, you shall not directly or indirectly solicit business from, attempt to sell, license or provide, the same or similar products as are now provided to, any customers or clients of NXTRND. You shall not at any time disclose the above strategy, in any manner, either directly or indirectly, for the use for the personal benefit. It is agreed that if a Brand Ambassador violates the terms of this agreement, irreparable harm may occur, and financial compensation will be pursued. The above NDA and NCC will be enforced in court if violated.