VZR1™ x Classic™ ($80 Value)

Visor Colors
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  • Introducing the "VZR1 x CLASSIC" Value Pack. Designed for positions that demand ease of speech and high visibility, get ready to take your game to the next level this season. The package includes: 1 full set of Visor Clips, 12 different styles of visor stickers, a micro-fiber cleaning cloth, 2 Mouthguards, and 1 Mouthguard Case. See clearly, breathe more, and perform better.

    • Shatter Proof HIP™ Material Better Absorbs Impact
    • Anti-Fog/Anti-Glare Coating Keeps Your Vision Clear
    • Beveled Edge Technology Reduces Distortion
    • Quick Mold System™ 
    • Low Profile Design
    • Fits Most Athletes Aged 11+ years
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    • Free Returns & Exchanges on all orders
    • Covered by our Unlimited Defective Warranty 
    • HIP™ Material (High Impact Polycarbonate) – The most advanced football eyeshield material. HIP is proven to have greater impact resistance, be lighter than most visors, & provide better vision than most football visor on the field.
    • Anti-Fog Coating – Our visors are treated with an Anti-Fog Coating which allows you to play at your best without having to worry about fogging.
    • Ultra Dense Bite Zones – strategically located in the most impacted areas of the mouthguard, the Ultra Dense Bite Zones incorporate additional TP-EVA cushioning, improving the mouthguard's performance against high forces.
    • Box Includes – Each Bundle includes: 1 Visor, 1 set of Visor Clips and the necessary hardware, 12 different styles of visor stickers, a micro-fiber cleaning cloth, 2 Mouthguard, and 1 Mouthguard Case. All of our visors require a Phillips (Star) screwdriver for installation. 

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