We prioritize living wages for the men and women who make our products

Our products are made by manufacturers that are certified SA 8000 and ISO 14001. The skilled machinists who work on our products take part in the longstanding tradition of their employers by providing the highest quality of workmanship available. Our manufacturers ensure wages that are up to 8x higher than other prominent manufacturing facilities and where the minimum wage is a living wage.

We have direct access to the most current innovations and technologies in plastic formulating and manufacturing

Through our manufacturers, we have direct access to the companies that are inventing proprietary plastics and processes for new molds. This gives us the ability to integrate the newest technical components into our designs, including our unique material blend: TP-EVA.

We lead the industry in protective and durable design

By integrating our own proprietary and existing performance technologies into our progressive designs, we are creating the next generation of protective equipment. We work with skilled engineers, quality manufacturers and unique designers who can match our vision and goals.

What Makes Nxtrnd Mouthguards Different

When it comes to protection equipment, you should choose your products carefully. Here are the main differences between Nxtrnd mouthguards and other options.

Stock Mouthguards:

  • Bought at sporting good and discount retailers
  • Least expensive option
  • Cannot adjust fit for comfort
  • Interferes with breathing and speaking because the jaw must be closed to keep the mouth guard in place
  • Reduced protection caused by improper fit
  • Reduced performance because of lack of breathability

Standard Boil-and-Bite Mouthguards:

  • Same basic design since 1960
  • Bought at sporting good and discount retailers
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Decreases protection if bitten too hard while forming
  • May be loose-fitting due to improper forming
  • Bulky size interferes with breathing and speaking

Custom Mouthguards:

  • Minimal designs
  • Extremely expensive and time consuming process
  • Once molded, cannot be re-adjusted to natural tooth shifting in teenagers
  • Not easily available
  • Not specifically designed for your sport.

NXTRND Mouthguards: 

  • Individually engineered for sport specific protection
  • More secure and more comfortable
  • The highest quality EVA and Silicone materials
  • Significantly less expensive than ordering from a dentist
  • Air-flow System enhances performance through increased oxygen flow
  • Ability to re-adjust molding for better fit and improved performance
  • A Nxtrnd Mouthguard will outlast any standard mouthguard 10-to-1
  • Unique color tones perfect for your team 
  • Sport specific designs
  • Case included
  • Unlimited defective warranty and free returns

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