What Are Mouth Guards Made Out Of?

Sport Mouth Guard Materials

These days a large proportion of over the counter sports mouth guards are made of a material called ethylene vinyl acetate or EVA for short.

Since the 1980s, EVA has been used in mouth guard manufacturing and has shown effective results. In fact, it has exhibited extremely desirable properties such as elasticity, non-toxicity, and the ability to absorb and reduce transmitted impact forces suffered by participants in contact sports like football and rugby.

Numerous materials and techniques have been used for mouthguard fabrication and there performance can be determined in three ways:

  1. The energy absorption of the material from which the mouthguard is formed. 
  2. The resistance to deformation. 
  3. The wearers' comfort.

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NXTRND Technology

By thickening a mouth guard's material, it is possible to increase its energy absorption capacity. However, since increasing material thickness reduces the wearers' comfort, speech and breathing, a well designed mouth guard will only have added material in the important impact zones.

In addition to added material, some manufacturers create small perforations in the material which oscillate on impact and redirect harmful forces away from your teeth.

When purchasing your EVA Mouth guard, it is important to look for models that feature specific design attributes engineered to better absorp impact energy without increasing material thickness, like the Nxtrnd ZERO™. A combination of added material under the molars and in front of the mouth with air holes will reduce your risk of dental injury.


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Today, it is no longer necessary to wear thick uncomfortable mouthguards. Innovations in material density have made it possible for us to create slim mouthguards boasting superior protection.

In order to create what we believe to be the safest and most comfortable mouthguards on the market, we have utilized these advancements to our advantage.

Increasing material density has allowed us to reach the same energy absorption capacities as thick guards even though ours are half the thickness and easily moldable.

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Here are three recommendations that cover some of the best mouth guards around, each produced with our signature EVA material blend. This short list is designed not only to highlight quality mouthguards, but to give you a sense of what’s out there (a lot!) and help you find the mouthguard that’s right for you. (Please read our "About us" section to get more backstory.)

- NXTRND Rush Mouthguard

- NXTRND Zero Mouthguard

- NXTRND Classic Mouthguard

Manufacturing quality mouth guards, especially hundreds at a time, is no simple task. It takes high-grade materials, engineers, rigorous quality-control systems, and, ideally, your own impact testing laboratory (a very expensive proposition). Not all mouth guard manufacturers are up to the task, especially a lot of newbie companies springing up like wildflowers.

The sport mouth guard models in the list above Rush, Zero, and Classic—all have proven track records in terms of product protection and customer satisfaction. Some have accumulated hundreds of positive reviews and have been featured on athletes in the NFL, UFC, NBA and NHL.

With so many options, how do you decide what mouth guard is for you? Which mouthguard is best for your players? 

Don’t worry, we’ve come up with a list below of some of the highest rated and effective sports mouthguards to help make your decision easier. All of the options are affordable and offer protection in a variety of sports, including but not limited to football, baseball, softball, basketball, martial arts, MMA, hockey, lacrosse, rugby, and more.

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Best MouthguardSee Amazon reviews

- Extremely Durable

- Ease of Speech and Breathability

- Good Value 





The Nxtrnd Rush Mouth Guard is designed for optimal performance, comfort and protection.

It's versatility has enabled it to make a name for itself outside the sport of football. In fact, this guard is worn in most contact sports requiring high-end protective gear including basketball, boxing, MMA, hockey, and lacrosse. 

Because of its double layer construction and soft moldable interior liner, the Rush delivers an extremely comfortable custom fit and has become one of our most popular models. Featuring a strong shock absorbing outer frame, the Rush will properly absorb and disperse forces upon impact and protect your mouth while allowing for ease of speech and breathability.

Available in 4 different colors, the mouthpiece includes an unlimited defective warranty. This guard can be purchased on Amazon.com or through Nxtrnd's website.

Nxtrnd Rush Mouthguard


Best Thin MouthguardSee Amazon reviews

 - Ultra Thin Design

- Offers Great Breathability and Speech

- Innovative Material Technology





The Nxtrnd Zero utilizes a signature EVA material blend that's 5 times tougher and 40% stronger than conventional mouthguards. By combining its impact absorbant material with highly effective perforated design features, the guard successfully deflects all impact forces away from your teeth. When properly fitted, these energy-absorbing zones direct forces away from your teeth, reducing the risk of dental injury.

In addition to the energy absorbing zones, the guard was created through a special layering process that allows different areas to have varying levels of thickness. Because the Nxtrnd Zero offers a unrivaled custom fit, you won't need to constantly remove your guard to talk, breathe or drink. The Zero will comfortably allow you to keep your guard in your mouth the entire game or practice and keep your focus where it matters.

Available on Amazon.com or through Nxtrnd's website. This mouthpiece includes an unlimited defective warranty and comes with its own case.

Nxtrnd ZERO Mouthguard


Best Clear MouthguardSee Amazon Reviews

- Minimalistic Design

- Comfortable Fit

- Good Value





The Classic is a thin, 2 mm guard that's so small, you’ll honestly forget you’re even wearing a mouthguard. Unlike competing brands that sell "flat" mouth guards that ripple, causing pressure points and discomfort when molded, the Classic mouth guard comes pre-shaped to the form of upper teeth eliminating the possibilty of material ripples and painful pressure points found on other guards.

The Nxtrnd Classic Mouthguard is one of the more affordable boil-and-bite mouthguards on the market. The Classic Mouthguard offers great protection and comfort as well as an incredible warranty.

With a material thickness of 2mm, it allows much more comfort and breathability than any other comparable product. It's gel based liner and "snap-in" fit will tightly wrap around your teeth and absorb impact forces to provide maximum soft tissue coverage and protection.

Nxtrnd Classic Mouthguard

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