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These days a large proportion of over the counter sports mouth guards are made of a material called ethylene vinyl acetate or EVA for short.

Since the 1980s, EVA has been used in mouth guard manufacturing and has shown effective results. In fact, it has exhibited extremely desirable properties such as elasticity, non-toxicity, and the ability to absorb and reduce transmitted impact forces suffered by participants in contact sports like football and rugby.

Numerous materials and techniques have been used for mouthguard fabrication and there performance can be determined in three ways:

  1. The energy absorption of the material from which the mouthguard is formed. 
  2. The resistance to deformation. 
  3. The wearers' comfort.

NXTRND Technology

By thickening the mouth guard's material, it is possible to increase its energy absorption capacity. However, since increasing material thickness reduces the wearers' comfort, speech and breathing, a well designed mouth guard will only have added material in the important impact zones. In addition to added material, some manufacturers create small perforations in the material which oscillate on impact and redirect harmful forces away from your teeth.

When purchasing your EVA Mouth guard, it is important to look for models that feature specific design attributes engineered to better absorp impact energy without increasing thickness. A combination of added material under the molars and in front of the mouth with air inclusions will reduce your risk of dental injury. 


Today, it is no longer necessary to wear thick uncomfortable mouthguards. Innovations in material density have made it possible for us to create slim mouthguards boasting superior protection.  In order to create what we believe to be the safest and most comfortable mouthguards on the market we have utilized these advancements to our advantage. Increasing material density has allowed us to reach the same energy absorption capacities as thick guards even though ours are half the thickness and easily moldable.

To learn more about Nxtrnd's protective properties, check out our "Technology" section on our website.

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