Best Mouthguards Under $30

Top Mouthguards Under $30

What can you buy with 30 bucks? Well, maybe a 1/2 tank of gas. 2 movie tickets or 5 of those fancy Starbucks drinks. Alternatively, you can get one really solid sports mouthguard that will keep your teeth protected while performing at your best. 

$30 is probably the limit most "normal" people would spend on a mouthguard. An informal poll of our social media followers told us most wouldn't even spend $30, but if you're willing to devote a good amount to a mouthguard (give or take a few bucks) you can get a truly excellent piece of protection equipment. The list displays all prices that are correct at time of writting.

Nxtrnd ZERO Mouthguard for Sports

Nxtrnd Zero Mouthguard

NXTRND Zero Mouthguard

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It's very difficult to pick a single Nxtrnd Mouthguard model to be at the top of this list, and probably several others deserve to be here as well in terms of material quality and protection for around $25. Nxtrnd is known to produce high quality mouthguards at incredibly affordable and competitive prices.

The Nxtrnd ZERO is a new mouthguard on the market but has already seen amazing feedback. It has earned a 5/5 star rating and the Amazon's Choice badge for Sports Mouthguard on Amazon, an incredibly critical and competitive marketplace. The ZERO is an ultra-thin mouthguard which makes it easy to talk, breath and drink without having to remove it from your mouth. It features a reinforced thermoplastic frame that protects your teeth from impact by absorbing and dispersing the forces throughout its multiple small perforations. The ZERO is 1.6mm thin making it one of the thinnest mouthguards on the market as well as one of the best mouthguards available for under $30.

Nxtrnd ZERO Mouthguard for sports

 Nxtrnd RUSH Mouthguard for Sports

Nxtrnd RUSH

NXTRND Rush Mouthguard

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The RUSH mouthguard has been dominating the contact sports mouthguard world for the past 2 years and we could immediately tell it was going to be a winner in this price range. It can been seen on a wide range of athletes from boxing to football and skiing, and is worn by beginner to professional athletes across all ages. With hundreds of 4.5-5 star ratings and positive customer feedback, the Rush has easily become a staple sports mouthguard in the contact sports environment. 

The RUSH™ mouthguard is a double layer guard that provides a "snap-in" comfortable fit when molded and delivers a high level of protection. Designed and engineered for ease of speech and breathability, the RUSH is a favorite amongst boxers and mma fighters. It features added material in the mouths important impact zones which are the areas under the molars and in front of the teeth. For under $30, the RUSH mouthguard is sold in a package of 2 mouthguards and 1 mouthguard case making the package an incredibly good deal. Being one of our more popular models, the RUSH comes in several color variations. For the time being, you can choose between black, white, red, blue and pink.

Nxtrnd RUSH Sports Mouthguards

Nxtrnd Classic Mouthguard for Sports

Nxtrnd Classic

NXTRND Classic Mouthguard

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The Nxtrnd CLASSIC was one of the first sports mouthguards to break into not just the US general mouthguard market, but the US professional mouthguard market as well. Proving to top athletes that mouthguards with tradition design features they would've dismissed can also deliver easy talking, comfort and high protection. The team at Nxtrnd has done it by consistently producing well-made, high material quality mouthguards at attractive prices. Our range stretches from $14 Classic mouthguards sold through high volume online stores like Amazon up to $24 Braces Mouthguards sold directly through our website.

The CLASSIC is a single material layer mouthguard that is designed to offer a slim fit to all ages. Engineered for ease of speech and breathability, the guard can be molded up to 3 times in order to obtain the perfect "snap-in" fit. At around $16. the CLASSIC will become a great addition to your protective equipment arsenal – easy to carry, easy to use, easy on the wallet.

Nxtrnd CLASSIC Mouthguard Sports


No matter the sport you play, at Nxtrnd mouthguards, we recommend you always wear a mouth guard. In fact, there's an important statistic from the American Dental Association stating that more than 200,000 oral injuries are prevented each year by their use.

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