The best mouth guards for MMA and BJJ

The best mouth guards for MMA and BJJ

If you're looking for a mouth guard but can't afford the customs ones your dentist offers, we have your needs covered. Nothing is worth the risk of getting your teeth knocked out and as grapplers, we know all too well how a couple of accidental knocks to the face can result is some serious damage to the mouth.

As the name suggests, mouth guards guard your mouth and teeth from the potential blow to the face area. In order to help you find the perfect mouth guard, we went through our lineup and put them to the test to find the best mouth guard for MMA nd BJJ available online.

Our guards were evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Overall protection
  • Comfort
  • Impact absorption
  • Value
  • Breathability

Best MMA/BJJ Mouth Guards Reviewed

Best Overall Mouth Guard - Nxtrnd ZERO

Best BJJ Mouthguard
  1. Thin, impact-resistant, low profile
  2. Speak and Breath Easily
  3. Increased Comfort Through Unique Material and Design

The ZERO Mouth guard delivers more protection while featuring less material. The guard is 1.6mm thin and designed for sports such as BJJ and Basketball. Its 1.6mm frame features unique perforations along its sidewalls reducing material weight and increasing impact absorption.

In fact, the small perforations are deliberately placed in the areas of the mouth where direct impact is not common and function like a suspension by creating air pockets that help impact absorption. Designed for comfort, the guard is known to allow ease of speech and breathability when in the mouth.

    Best MMA Mouth Guard - Nxtrnd RUSH

    Best mma mouthguard
    1. Heavy Duty Material Protection
    2. Signature NXTRND Layering Process
    3. Snap-In Fit Inner Layer

    When it comes to MMA and boxing, Nxtrnd is a household name. The Nxtrnd Rush mouth guard features a dual layer frame consisting of a hard shock absorbing outer layer and a soft moldable inner layer. The robust exterior frame will help protect your teeth by absorbing and dispersing impact forces while the soft comfortable inner layer will tightly fit to your teeth allowing ease of speech and breathability.

    If you're looking for heavy duty protection and comfort in one guard, the Nxtrnd RUSH is for you. The guard comes in a package consisting of 2 guards and 1 mouth guard case, perfect for your training and combat sessions.

    Best BJJ Mouth Guard - Nxtrnd Classic

    Best BJJ Mouthguard
    1. High Impact Resistance
    2. Signature NXTRND Material Blend For Comfort
    3. Snap-In Fit For Ease of Speech and Breathability

    If you've never heard of the Nxtrnd Classic mouthguard, you probably haven't grapped long enough. Nxtrnd produces top rated and best selling products in the Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu categories on Amazon, so you know our products have been tried and tested by thousands of athletes across all levels.

    Featuring our signature material blend and a unique design, the Classic mouth guard will be sure to answer your needs. Its gel frame will tighly mold to your teeth allowing for better breathability during tough sparring and competition settings as well as great comfort. Every Nxtrnd Classic package comes with 2 mouth guards and 1 mouth guard case.

    How To Choose A Mouth Guard

    When shopping for a new mouth guard, you might be wondering what mouth guard will be best for your sporting needs. Deciding between a standard mouth guard found at your local sporting goods store and a custom mouthguard from your dentists office can sometimes cause a lot of questioning. In the article below, we will cover a few things to help you in your buying decision.

    How Should a Mouth Guard Fit

    When it comes to choosing the right mouth guard, fit is the most important aspect. A ill-fitting mouth guard can increase the risk of damage to the mouth and cause severe discomfort to the wearer.

    Especially true with young athletes, beware of ill-fitting custom mouth guards. Over time, because your teeth are shifting as you grow, any previous discomfort can become increasingly worse and cause your guard to no longer protect your teeth as it should.

    To get the perfect fit, we recommend your always follow the manufacturers fitting instructions included in the packaging.

    Mouth Guard Protection

    In terms of mouth guard protection, a good rule a thumb is that thicker material provides more protection. However, there are the exceptions with products such as the Nxtrnd ZERO.

    Usually, the only downside of having a thicker guard is the reduced breathability and ability to speak. Before purchasing a mouth guard, you want to make sure your choosing the right size for your sport. In fact, if you're struggling to breathe during training sessions, you will need to consider a thinner model.

    Different Mouth Guard Styles

    Before purchasing a mouth guard, it is important you become familiar with the types available. In sports and recreational activities, there are three kinds of guards: Stock, Boil-and-bite and Custom. Each varies in comfort, fit, protection and cost. Click here to learn more.

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