Can You Talk With A Mouth Guard?

Can you talk with a mouthguard

Speech is the process of addressing and interacting with an audience to deliver some message. Much like most aspects in life, being able to communicate your thoughts in sports is something successful athletes must master.

Communication between teammates and coaches is a key factor of all sport teams. Hours of practice are spent, in order to achieve clarity and success on the field, court or rink. 

Right Amount of Material

When learning to communicate clearily, one of the first obstacles athletes encounter is a mouth guard that inhibits certain functions like (speaking, breathing and drinking), because of the guards bulkiness.

In fact, most mouth guards are designed to offer a universal fit. This common "fit" is known as a "Stock Mouthguard", which features unnecessary added material and bulkiness around the entire guard reducing it's comfortability and protection. 

A well designed mouth guard will only feature added material in the relevant impact zones, under the molars, and on the front part of the guard if designed for use in combat sports.

When purchasing a mouth guard, a good rule of thumb is to look for one that is made with as little material as possible in areas along the inside of your teeth. These areas of the mouth do not require protection and if covered by parts of a mouth guard, will be the source of your reduced ability to speak and breath.

Tight and Comfortable Fit

The issue with "one-size-fits-all" (Stock) mouth guards is that they don't offer an optimal fit. In order to permit speech and breathability, a mouth guard must be perfectly molded to your teeth and also feature varying levels of material thickness.

Mouth guards like the Nxtrnd RUSH and Nxtrnd Classic provide proper protection, without comprimising your ability to breath and communicate. They are designed for optimal comfort with no added material where protection isn't needed.

With a proper fitting guard, there is no question that you will perform and play at a higher level. Nxtrnd Mouth Guards provide it's athletes with this high standard of quality and excellence. 

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