How Thick Should A Night Guard Be?

How thick should a mouthguard be?

When it comes to mouth guards for teeth grinding, most customers that contact us have two questions:

  • What type of mouth guard should I get?
  • How thick should my mouthguard be?

To answer these two questions, we must first understand your grinding habits.

Daytime/Light Teeth Grinding

If you're looking for a mouthguard to use during the daytime, we recommend looking for a thin 1mm guard allowing you to conduct your daily activities without a problem. The downside of wearing a thin mouthguard is its durability and limited lifespan. Thin mouthguards last significantly less long than the thicker options available. In fact, 1mm guards are likely to properly serve you for 6 to 12 months depending on their use and your teeth grinding severity. 

Moderate Teeth Grinding

If you have mild teeth grinding symptoms, we recommend settling for a medium thickness night guard. Medium thickness mouthguards are usually between 2 and 3mm and last approximately 1 to 2 years. The added material thickness protects your teeth while remaining comfortable in the mouth, which is why they are the most popular models available. Moderate/medium thickness mouthguards are usually made of a soft moldable inner material and a more robust/durable outer material. The combination of soft and hard materials creates a custom and comfortable fit allowing for tough and durable teeth protection.

Heavy Teeth Grinding

If you suffer from severe symptoms of teeth grinding that are affecting the shape of your teeth and causing pain to your jaw, we recommend consulting your dentist and looking into a thicker 3mm dental guard. Heavy teeth grinding mouthguards are designed to protect from aggressive clenching and provide complete protection of the tooth enamel. Because of their thickness, they generally last the longest (2 years), are the most expensive and demand the most "getting used to" before fitting well. The downside of heavy teeth grinding mouthguards is their bulky nature and complex fitting instructions sometimes resulting in an uncomfortable experience.

What type of mouth guard should I get?

Rise Night Guard

At Nxtrnd, we offer the world's first entirely at home professional mouthguard for teeth grinding. Designed for light to moderate grinding, our 2mm thick night guard has become increasingly popular since its launch. It's thin, non-bulky design makes it almost unnoticeable, and doesn't disrupt your sleep. Made of our proprietary material formula, the RISE grinding guard provides a customized fit that encourages natural sleep patterns and optimal tooth protection. All Nxtrnd Mouthguards and Night guards are backed by our Unlimited Warranty and come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. After ordering a mouth guard from us, we will make sure your night guard fits your perfectly.

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Which is better: Thick Or Thin Night Guard?

A thicker guard does not mean you're getting more dental protection. In fact, besides their extended lifespan, thick mouth guards are only recommended to heavy teeth grinders with severe tooth damage symptoms. When it comes to night guards, getting more for what you pay for is not the case. Thicker guards can actually make your condition worse by disrupting your mouth's natural position, causing discomfort and restlessness while you sleep at night. At Nxtrnd, we recommend our most popular night guard which is our moderate teeth grinding guard called the RISE Guard.

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