How Much Is A Mouth Guard From A Dentist?

How Much Is A Dentist Mouthguard

Sports mouth guards are an important piece of equipment for anyone participating in a sport that involves body contact, falls, or flying objects. This includes football, basketball, baseball, soccer, hockey, skateboarding, gymnastics, mountain biking, or any activity that might result in an injury to the mouth.

There is no doubt that you need a mouthguard to protect your teeth from the impact forces. Without the protection of a guard, athletes can suffer from tooth and jaw fractures, lip lacerations and soft tissue damage.

When purchasing a mouth guard through a dentist's office, you may be faced with a hefty price tag of up to $800. But not to worry because there are ways to get you into a safe and comfortable sports guard that won’t break the bank.

In the article below, we will show you why sport mouth guards ordered from a dentist are not necessarily the best option.

-No Guarantee
-Actually made by someone other than your dentist
-Not covered by insurance
-Molded by someone other than yourself

Your Insurance Probably Won't Cover The Cost

In 90% of cases, the problem with expensive dental sport guards is that your insurance will not cover the cost. If insurance companies refuse to pay hundreds of dollars for something relatively inexpensive to make, why should you pay?

No Replacement Warranty Or Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Being a young athlete, slight movement in mouth structure and teeth is natural as you grow. If your mouth guard becomes uncomfortable to wear, good luck getting your dentist to remake your appliance without charging an additionnal $250 fee.

One of the great things about Nxtrnd Mouth Guards is that we work with you to guarantee you get the perfect fitting mouth guard every time. This includes a 100% satisfaction guarantee as well as an unlimited defective warranty on all our mouth guards for every purchase made on the Nxtrnd website. Try to find another mouth guard company that will do that!

Not Actually Made By Your Dentist

Once the dentist's assistant takes your dental impression, they send it directly to a dental lab to manufacture it. This process can take a lot of time, sometimes up to 3 weeks, leaving you susceptible to dental injuries while you wait for your mouth guard.

Furthermore, dental labs do not specialize in mouth guard creation alone, they are busy creating more expensive appliances such as dentures, partials, flippers, crowns and bridges. For this reason, mouth guards are probably not a priority on their " to-do" list.

We offer the same product and YOU are molding it personally from the comfort and convenience of your home, thus avoiding the unnecessary expensive "dental impression" procedure. The molding process by YOU is simple and highly effective. 

Molding Your Own Mouth Guard Is Easy

Nxtrnd offers you an affordable option that allows you to have a custom fit mouth guard without having to take expensive "dental impressions" or wait for an appointment and go to the dentist.

We recommend you read the fitting instruction carefully when molding your mouth guard. If you have loose teeth, dental appliances or braces, please see our non-moldable mouth guard models.

If you run into issues when molding your mouth guard for whatever reason, rest assured, Nxtrnd Mouth Guards will send you a free replacement package.

How To Order A Nxtrnd Mouth Guard?

You must first decide which mouth guard is right for your sport. Depending on the sport you play, the level of protection you need may vary. In the world of mouth guards, there are many different options available to you and your athletes. A sports mouth guard will serve the function of protecting your teeth and mouth from damage only if it fits properly.

This article will help guide you further:

How To Choose The Right Mouthguard?


Once your order has been placed, depending on the model, you will receive 2 mouth guards, 1 mouth guard case and detailed instructions specific to the model you purchased.

Molding your mouth guard is safe, quick and easy. Check out our "How To Fit A Mouthguard? " article for more information.

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