Can you wear a normal mouthguard with braces

Mouthguard that works with braces

Is there a mouth guard for braces? And, can I wear a sports mouth guard with braces? The answer to these two questions is a definite yes!

In fact, wearing a mouthguard while you play sports when you have braces is very important. The best kind of braces mouthpieces are the models specifically designed for braces featuring an inner channel accommodating the brace brackets and wires.

Having the correct comfortable fit is crucial when protecting an athletes teeth, lips, tongue, and cheeks as well as the braces themselves from impact. In general, mouthguards are designed to provide a cushion between your teeth and jaw when you sustain an impact to the mouth or head area.

The Best Mouthguard for braces

At Nxtrnd, we know braces make your mouth guard needs a little different. That being said, we've developed a model specifically designed for athletes with braces. The Nxtrnd Braces Mouth Guard is made to fit against your teeth and provide protection without interfering with your braces orthodontic alignment.

Best Braces Mouthguard

By featuring a special inner channel that wraps over and around your brace brackets and wires, our guard will fit comfortably without creating uneven pressure points while also allowing enough room for orthodontic adjustments on your braces by your dentist.

Why Standard & Custom Mouthguards Don't Work with Braces

When you have braces, the brackets and wires on the surface of your teeth interfere with the fit of Standard Boil-&-Bite and Custom mouth guards blocking their ability to protect your teeth from impact. Because of this interference, Boil-&-Bite and Custom mouthguards can increase the risk of damage to the teeth and braces when hit and you will most likely feel discomfort caused by the uneven pressure points along your gums and lips.

Another important consideration is the dental alignment your braces require on a regular basis. If your guard does not feature an inner channel allowing room for adjustments, it will have to be changed after every dentist visit.

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