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The Best Sports Mouthguards You Can Buy Right Now 2022







The first step in buying a mouthguard is determining how you will use it. If you take big hits on the field playing football or in the gym boxing, consider either bulky or lip guard style mouthguard, which will have greater protection for the under your molars than a slim fitting mouthguard, which tends to prioritize breathability and speak ability over added lower molar protection.

Football mouthguards have tethers—some of which are removable—for easy on/off handling in between plays and when on the field. Basketball and hockey mouthguards are light and extremely slim fitting, but may lack the added protection of boxing mouthguards. They typically do not have tethers and are designed to allow ease of speech, breathing and drinking.

Some mouthguards are designed with all sports in mind. They tend to be a little tougher, to stand up to the rough and tumble abuse that typifies multiple use across different sports, and often have features like unique impact zones, dual layer material constructions, or even special breathing channels to increase oxygen flow to the athlete. They usually offer slightly less breathability than basketball and hockey mouthguards, and of course, a more bulky fit.


Being low profile and slim fitting, basketball and hockey mouthguards are the flyweights of the mouthguard world. They are the lightest and most breathable mouthguards out there, and is some cases not only allow easy breathing but actually enhance recovery, reaction times and performance by giving you the confidence to play hard and the oxygen to fuel your muscles.

Other mouthguards that prioritize impact protection, like football and boxing mouthguards, often have thicker material (thick material = less breathable and slim fitting). Don't be fooled by the "thicker mouthguards are better" mantra. You can't judge a mouthguards overall protection ability by how thick the material is. The Nxtrnd Zero, for example, is only 1.6mm thin but is widely regarded as a high impact absorbing guard, while the Rush is a 3mm thick guard. The material composition and mouthguard design is often more important than the thickness.

Proper Fit

No mouthguards will protect you without the proper fit. "A mouthguard will only protect you if it fits properly", says Liam Burger, Nxtrnd's mouthguard product manager. Material, designs and sizes vary by company, but most offer a suggestion for what sport each is best made for. Ask yourself what is the most commonly impacted area of your body when playing your sport to determine the best mouthguard; if you fall between models, go by comfort.

Best Sports Mouthguard

The correct size mouthguard will fit snugly against your teeth without irritating your gums and throat area. You shouldn't need to close your mouth to keep you guard in place and if it doesn't fit like a glove, something is wrong. If your guard feels like it’s putting so much pressure on your teeth that it’s moving them, that's a sign that the guard is badly molded or too small and should be changed.

Nxtrnd Impact Absorbing Technology Explained

Mouthguard Features

TP-EVA (thermoplastic EVA) – the most advanced impact absorption material. TP-EVA is proven to absorb more impact, be ultra-lightweight & provide more comfort than any other mouthguard material on the field.

High Density Impact Zones – strategically located in the most impacted areas of the mouthguard, we incorporate additional TP-EVA cushioning, improving the mouthguard's performance against high forces.

Enhanced Air Channel – incorporating a larger, more comfortable breathing configuration, our Air Channels utilize sleek material design features to help increase oxygen intake and improve impact absorption.

Multi-Layer Material System – featuring an air infused inner core, along with a robust exterior liner made of high performance impact foam. This system improves cushioning resulting in better fit, comfort and protection against impact forces.

Safety And Standards

Through independent testing, NXTRND™ mouthguards are certified Level 3 Protection (Level 3 being the highest). By choosing NXTRND™, you can be reassured that the product you are putting in your mouth is FDA approved and tested, does not contain harmful materials, and will protect you from contact related injuries. For every purchase made on the NXTRND™ website we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee as well as an unlimited defective warranty on all our mouthguards.

How We Test

Every mouthguard we produce a make available to athletes has been thoroughly evaluated and vetted by our team of product engineers and testers. We research the market, survey user reviews, speak with athletes and coaches, and use our own experience playing on the field, in the gym—and even taking impacts directly to the head area with them in—to determine the best options.

Our team of experienced testers spent many hours in the gym, in the fighting ring and on the field wearing these mouthguards. We evaluated them based on performance, values, fit, comfort, breathability, speak ability, moldability, and aesthetics to come up with the models that best serve every budget and every kind of athlete.

Mouthguards Under $30


 [Nxtrnd Classic Mouthguard]



Having gained enormous attention over recent years amongst athletes of all levels and all sports. The Nxtrnd brand is known for high quality sports mouthguards and the Classic™ mouthguard is another great model to the lineup.

The Nxtrnd Classic™ is a customizable boil and bite mouthguard featuring a unique high quality EVA material blend that is 38% more impact absorbent than its competitors. Its soft gel liner allows high impact absorption as well as a snug fit against teeth for optimal user comfort. The mouthguard is BPA, PVC and Latex free and can be used by women, men and children over the age of 11.


[Nxtrnd ONE Mouthguard]



The ONE lip guard not only fits well but is also extremely comfortable. Being both comfortable and protective, on field performance will not be negatively affected and you will be able to take your game to a new level.

Having one of the largest air holes on the market, this mouthguard is designed to allow maximum breathability which is a huge benefit. In fact, by making breathing easy, a player can increase the oxygen to his muscle and brain allowing for quicker reaction times and faster recovery play after play.

Made from our signature reinforced thermoplastic material, this mouthguard absorbs 90% more energy than your standard store bought guards, and also features an over-sized breathing channel delivering 2X more airflow

Because of the overall size of the mouth guard, talking may be an issue. However, that’s a small price to pay for the security it provides. Check Out The 10+ Colors Nxtrnd ONE™ Here.


[Nxtrnd Rush Mouthguard]



Very few brands offer the same level of protection from design and innovation as that provided by the Nxtrnd RUSH™ Mouthguard.

If you're looking for a maximum protection mouthguard, the Nxtrnd RUSH™ is the model for you. Designed for the harsh impacts of combat sports like boxing and MMA, this mouthguard is bombproof and will easily protect you when going for top sets and personal records. The unique material and design this guard features has made it not only safe, but extremely comfortable and breathable as well.

Specially designed with an innovative dual layer system and signature EVA moldable liner to form to your teeth and gum lines, the RUSH™ offers a tight and comfortable fit. Additionally, this mouthguard has a heavy-duty exoskeletal impact blocking frame which can withstand the biggest forces the gym can deliver.


[Nxtrnd Zero Mouthguard]



Topping our ranks is the ZERO™ mouth guard, the thinnest mouthguard on the market. The Zero mouthguard is lightweight, and amazing to wear. Its ultra-thin design makes it hardly noticeable when in the mouth and is the perfect choice for athletes that dislike the feel of bulky mouthguards.

The low-profile design also makes breathing extremely easy while wearing it.
With an increasingly good reputation amongst beginner and professional athletes, this mouthguard has been demonstrating it can withstand impact across all sports. What makes this guard so impressive is the craftsmanship involved in the designing of the mouthguard.

The Nxtrnd ZERO™ is a high quality guards designed to provide enhanced protection and performance. At Nxtrnd, we focus on producing thin, durable and easy to mold guards that could easily be mistaken for a $300 custom fit mouth guard made by a dentist.


[Nxtrnd Braces Mouthguard]



The Braces mouthguard is ideal for athletes with braces. For adults and children, the guard is designed to conform to your mouth instantly and adapt to changes as your teeth adjust over time. The special braces channel offers immediate comfort while also preventing the risk of lacerations.

The mouth guard is constructed out of a lightweight and comfortable medical-grade silicone material. The guard comes with an adjustable facemask strap for quick adjustments. Furthermore, the mouth guard is highly durable making it chew resistant. It guarantees a more secure fit over your braces, thereby preventing lacerations in your mouth.

To find the mouthguard designed for your sport, please click here.

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