Best Mouthguards for Kickboxing

Best Kickboxing Mouthguard in 2022

Similar to boxing and MMA, kickboxing is becoming increasingly popular amongst fitness enthusiasts. Originating from karate and combining fighting techniques seen in boxing, punches and kicks are commonly used during training and sparring sessions.

If you want to be a professional kickboxer, your health should be of high concern and protecting it by using the proper gear should be your top priority.

While there isn't a lot of protection equipment required for kickboxing, one of the most important pieces of equipment you can have is a kickboxing mouth guard.

Without the proper mouthguard, you're making yourself highly susceptible to mouth injuries and teeth damage.

Deciding which mouth guard works best is not an easy task, having to figure out what design features are best for you, if the mouthguard allow easy breathing, how easy is the mouth guard to mold, etc, demands a lot of time and research.

Luckily, we put together a quick kickboxing mouth guard guide to help you find the model designed for your needs. Continue reading to checkout our reviews and find the best kickboxing mouthguard.

Top 3 Mouthguards for Kickboxing

  1. Nxtrnd ZERO™ Mouthguard
  2. Nxtrnd RUSH™ Mouthguard
  3. Nxtrnd Classic™ Mouthguard

What is a Kickboxing mouthguard

By wearing a mouthguard when fighting, the shock waves sent through your jaw and teeth after an impact is made to your face will be reduced.

In fact, a proper mouthguard will absorb a large part of the energy throughout its material and disperse the remaining energy over its surface area, mitigate impact to the jaw, teeth and mouth.

How to buy a mouthguard for kickboxing

The challenge most athletes face when having to protect their teeth is choosing the right mouthguard. This article will break down the top 5 qualities you should consider when looking into a mouthguard.






The Best Mouth Guards For Kickboxing Reviews

1. Nxtrnd ZERO™ Mouth Guard

The ZERO™ Contact sports mouthguard is made of a high-tech thermoplastic material and features unique air percussions throughout its design that allow it to remain durable and extremely protective when is intense combat sessions.

This guard features an ultra-thin, lightweight design to deliver more comfort, breathability and protection. After being properly molded by carefully following its fitting instructions, you will be able to speak, breath and drink easily without having the remove the guard.


  • Super slim and comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Breath, speak and drink easier


  • Molding process might not go well
  • Can get lost easily
  • Shock absorption might not be optimal

2. Nxtrnd RUSH™ Mouth Guard

The RUSH™ Mouthguard features a 3mm dual layer frame. Its exterior shell is made of a high density rubber that absorbs and reduces impact forces offering greater protection. Its inner layer is made of a soft gel frame that creates a custom fit and allows better breathing, speaking and drinking, perfect for reducing fatigue during training and sparring sessions.

The mouthguard comes with a protection case to ensure safe and hygienic use, and comes with an easy fitting guide to help you get the best customized fit. The Rush has earned the "Best-Sellers" badge on Amazon multiple times because of its high protection and performance enhancing capabilities.


  • Super comfortable inner gel frame
  • High shock absorbing capacity
  • Breath, speak and drink easier


  • Molding process might not go well
  • Exterior rubber frame might be uncomfortable.
  • May not fit athletes with large jaws.

 3. Nxtrnd Classic™ Mouth Guard

Classic Kickboxing MouthguardThe Classic™ Mouthguard allows a natural and comfortable feel by aligning perfectly with your jaw and delivering high protection. Made of our unique silicone and EVA material blend, this guard effectively absorbs shock throughout its frame and deflects it away from the teeth for greater impact management.
Being only 2.5mm thick, its low-profile design will tightly mold to your teeth allowing you to speak and breathe easily when you get winded in a fight.

The Classic Mouthguard Package comes with 2 mouth guards, 1 mouth guard case and an easy to follow fitting guide. 



  • Easy molding
  • Lightweight and slim fitting
  • Reduces obstruction to speech and breathing


  • Molding process might not go well
  • May be too tight
  • Lips will not be protected from lacerations

Finding the right mouthguard

A good mouthguard should never hinder your breathing and should always fit comfortably against your teeth without having to hold it in. At Nxtrnd, regardless of your age or skill level, we recommend an athlete always wear a well-fitted mouthguard when participating in his sport.

To learn more about Nxtrnd Mouthguards and to find a guard specifically designed for your sport, please click here.

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