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The Best Mouth Guards For Sports On Amazon

Mouth guards should be worn by children and adults who play contact sports like football, boxing, hockey, lacrosse, soccer and basketball. Even athletes participating in non-contact sports such as mountain biking, skating and gymnastics, that might pose a risk of injury to the mouth benefit from wearing a professional sports mouthguard.

Nobody wants chipped teeth, busted lips and bleeding gums resulting in pain and hefty medical bills. The teeth you have are with you for life which is why protecting them while playing sports should be every athletes #1 priority. We've come up with a list of some of the highest rated sports mouthguards on Amazon to help find the model right for you.

The Best Sports Mouthguards On Amazon This Year

Mouthguard For Sports

Let’s take a look at our favorite picks on the market and what makes them better than the rest!


Best Sports Mouthguard on Amazon
Weightlifting Mouth Guards

Having gained enormous attention over recent years amongst beginner and professional athletes alike. The Nxtrnd brand is known for high quality sports mouthguards and the Classic™ mouthguard is another great model to the lineup.

The Nxtrnd Classic™ is a customizable boil and bite mouthguard featuring a unique high quality EVA material blend that is 38% more impact absorbent than its competitors.

Its soft gel liner allows high impact absorption as well as a snug fit against teeth for optimal user comfort. The mouthguard is BPA, PVC and Latex free and can be used by women, men and children over the age of 11.

The key feature of the Classic™ mouthguard is its unique material allowing an incredibly comfortable fit. The texture of the material and design of the guard was very well received by our reviewers "The mouthpiece is outstanding, you can easily breathe through it, and so you don’t have to take it out between sets!"
"This is probably the most comfortable mouthguard I've ever bought. This is the best mouthguard ever and is hardly noticeable when in the gym! ".

Nxtrnd Classic

The pros of this mouthguard far outweigh the cons and the reputation the Classic™ has gathered in the space is one that has been reinforced by many athletes.

The Nxtrnd Classic™ mouthguard is an excellent choice for all sport enthusiasts, mainly due to our innovative EVA material delivering high protection, wearer comfort and the enhanced breathability mentioned above.

For around $15, every Classic™ mouthguard package comes with 2 mouth guards and a sleek mouth guard case to help prevent mouthguard damage and bacteria build up.


Best Mouthguard

 Best Mouth Guards

Very few brands offer the same level of protection from design and innovation as that provided by the Nxtrnd RUSH™ Mouthguard.

If you're looking for a maximum protection mouthguard, the Nxtrnd RUSH™ is the model for you. Designed for the harsh impacts of combat sports like boxing and MMA, this mouthguard is bombproof and will easily protect you when going for top sets and personal records. The unique material and design this guard features has made it not only safe, but extremely comfortable and breathable as well.
Nxtrnd RUSH
Specially designed with an innovative dual layer system and signature EVA moldable liner to form to your teeth and gum lines, the RUSH™ offers a tight and comfortable fit. Additionally, this mouthguard has a heavy-duty exoskeletal impact blocking frame which can withstand the biggest forces your sport can deliver.

This mouthguard leads the market category for contact sports mouthguards when it comes to breathability because of it’s under carriage channel system that boasts airflow and aids air intake.

Overall, the RUSH™ mouthguard is a high performance mouthguard designed for the elite athlete. Thanks to its groundbreaking design and protection, the Rush has brought modern technology to the world of mouthguards redefining mouth protection in the fitness world.

At Nxtrnd, we also guarantees that our products are BPA free and offer an unlimited warranty on all our mouthguards.




Weightlifting Mouth Guards

The ZERO™ mouth guard is the thinnest mouthguard on the market. The Zero mouthguard is lightweight, and amazing to wear. Its ultra-thin design makes it hardly noticeable when in the mouth and is the perfect choice for athletes that dislike the feel of bulky mouthguards.

The low-profile design also makes breathing extremely easy while wearing it.
With an increasingly good reputation amongst beginner and professional athletes, this mouthguard has been demonstrating it can withstand impact across all sports. What makes this guard so impressive is the craftsmanship involved in the designing of the mouthguard.

The Nxtrnd ZERO™ is a high quality guards designed to provide enhanced protection and performance. At Nxtrnd, we focus on producing thin, durable and easy to mold guards that could easily be mistaken for a $300 custom fit mouth guard made by a dentist.

Nxtrnd ZERO

The ZERO™ only drew positive reviews and feedback including comments such as "Super easy to form and won’t come out of your mouth, it's also super stable when biting down before big lifts." Another MMA athlete commented, "Best fitting mouth guard I have ever had. Doesn’t feel bulky like most mouth guards and easy super easy to breathe with."

To summarize, the Nxtrnd ZERO™ was the highest scoring mouthguard for training and sparringd. Our testing concluded that the ZERO was the mouth guard that delivered the most performance and durability while remaining very affordable.

In addition, Nxtrnd offers an Unlimited Defective Warranty on all their mouthguards.

To learn more about Nxtrnd Mouthguards and to find a guard specifically designed for your sport, please click here.

The Best Mouth Guards For Teeth Grinding On Amazon

If you suffer from morning headaches, facial or jaw pain, worn down teeth, or have an annoyed sleeping partner, chances are you're experiencing sleep bruxism and suffer from symtoms related to teeth grinding. Being difficult to detect and treat, most people are unaware that they grind their teeth at night, but it is shown to affect 25% of American households.

Although teeth grinding was thought to be the result of jaw or teeth misalignment, more research has shown that other problems like airway disorders can also cause teeth grinding. It's important to note that factors like stress, anxiety, alcohol, certain medications and caffeine have been shown to exacerbate teeth grinding symptoms.

If your grinding is associated to periods of increased stress or poor sleep, many dentists recommend the use of night time mouthguards to mitigate teeth damage and provide relief to the facial muscles.

Before ordering a mouthguard for sleeping, we recommend you visit a dentist to make sure your grinding is not caused by breathing-related sleep disorders. Continue reading to discover our list of the best mouthguards for teeth grinding on Amazon this year.

The Best Mouthguards On Amazon This Year

Mouthguard For Teeth Grinding Amazon

Best Overall Mouthguard On Amazon

Nxtrnd Rise Mouthguard

Mouthguard For Teeth Grinding Amazon

For the best fitting non-dental lab mouthguard that molds to your teeth, the RISE mouthguard is your best choice. Made thinner, lighter, and with a more moldable and comfortable material, this guard is guard is the safest and most effective night guard you can use. The Rise guard's patented design covers all your teeth without touching your gums, eliminating irritation and possible gum disease which makes it one of the top-rated teeth grinding guards on Amazon. In fact, because of its unique soft material, the guard creates a customized fit that tightly wraps around the wearers teeth reducing tooth enamel damage, headaches, jaw pain and poor sleep.

Best Custom Mouthguard On Amazon

ProTeeth Mouthguard

Mouthguard For Teeth Grinding Amazon

A common complaint about fitted mouthguards is that they are hassle to obtain and customize. The Pro Teeth Guard, our Editor’s Pick for best customized mouthguard, is much more convenient. Purchasers simply order a home impression kit and create the mold themselves using putty material included in the kit; they then send it to the company’s dental lab, and will receive a customized mouthguard in the mail shortly thereafter.

The Pro Teeth Guard is also high durable. The mouthguard is made from laminate and acrylic materials, allowing it to be used much longer than most boil-and-bite models. The Pro Teeth Guard is also backed by 60-night sleep trial and a 110% satisfaction guarantee; purchasers who are not satisfied may return the guard for a full refund with free shipping. A prescription is not required.

Best No-Boil Mouthguard On Amazon

DenteK Mouthguard
Mouthguard For Teeth Grinding Amazon

Even though you can't boil the Dentek custom fit night guard, its slimmer design offers just as much protection while possibly feeling more comfortable than other similar mouthguards. Dentek's mouthguard comes with a five-point adjustable band allowing slight customizations to adapt to the size of the users mouth. However, because the guard doesn't mold to the wearers teeth, it can become dislodged during the night and become choking hazard for back sleepers. In fact, if you have a sensitive gag reflex, we recommend going with a professional night guard instead of the Dentek guard. Because it is made of a non-moldable and robust material, the guard comes in contact with the roof and throat area of the mouth more easily which becomes irritating.

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